Easter Weekend 2018

We kicked our Spring Break off over Easter weekend and had the best time celebrating our Risen King with Baker Bea! Even though this season is about so much more than egg hunts and Easter baskets, Baker is obviously too young to understand. Last year she was too young to participate in these type activities so we took full advantage of the fun age she is at now. On Saturday morning, we headed to a local Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt

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Mountain Getaway 2017: Dillard

Last year, my dad decided that he wanted to continue an old family tradition and head to the mountains after Christmas. Growing up, my grandparents and great-grandparents lived in the mountains of NC and every Christmas my family would make the trek up there to spend some time with them. Some of my fondest childhood memories occurred in these mountains and I’m so excited to give Baker the same opportunities.

We rented a lake house on Lake Lure last year but this year, we tried something different and went to Dillard, GA. A few days after Christmas, we headed up the mountain to spend a few days with my parents, grandparents, and most of my siblings. Cory and I look forward to this trip every year and we can’t wait to continue the mountain tradition with Baker.

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Final Christmas Celebrations 2017

Whew! I honestly can’t believe it has taken me so long to recap our Christmas celebrations but life has been so busy for us. Cory and I both have side “gigs” that we work and free time is just not something we have a lot of. Since Spring break is here, I’m trying to get caught up on the 17 drafts I have sitting in my post folder.

After Christmas day, we had two more Christmas celebrations before we finished out the 2017 Christmas season. Cory had to work the day after Christmas so Baker and I rested at home, playing with her new goodies including fun new bath toys!

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Christmas Day 2017

I just thought that Christmas Eve was a busy day for us, but little did I know the long (but wonderful) day that Christmas Day would be! Daddy had worked so hard on customizing Baker’s kitchen and we couldn’t wait for her to see it! Just a warning, these are mostly blurry iPhone pictures that represent our Christmas perfectly. Cory films our holidays and makes us home videos so I never stress over trying to get the perfect picture during times like these.

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