We’re Moved Back In!!!

Well, for the most part. We got the bedrooms and the fridge back in last night. You know, the important stuff. All thanks to these lovely people.


Don’t ask me how we convinced them to come move furniture on a Wednesday night but somehow, we did. I’m just glad another male was here so I didn’t have to help with all the ridiculously heavy stuff. It didn’t really matter that I had to slide almost every piece of furniture out before the floors were done but now, nothing is sliding on these nice, new floors! #feltoneverypieceoffurniture #maybeevenonthedogs

I was able to stand there and be bossy {what I’m best at} and be all like “just a little towards Cory. Oh, too far. Back towards Wesley.”

My back is thankful.

And while I’m so glad my parents welcomed us and our crazy dogs into their home, there’s really nothing like sleeping in your own bed after 10 days. But I so enjoyed time with my family. So much so, I may have cried a few tears when I laid down last night {I’m a sapp, I know}.

My poor dad, he’s been working so hard on their house getting it ready to put on the market and Charley came in like a wrecking ball. We snuck out while they were at church last night, or Gracie would have never let us leave, but I left a note telling them to lets us know of any damages Charley had made and we’d come fix them.

Homegirl is wild. 

So after a week and half of home cooked meals, Apples to Apples {or any other board game Gracie could convince Cory to play}, and every evening with my parents it’s back to the grind since our cabinets will be delivered on Monday. It’s a little sooner than we anticipated and there’s no way we’ll be ready to install them by next week but it sure beats the alternative of another three weeks!

Any tips on the best way to protect our new hardwood floors?

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8 thoughts on “We’re Moved Back In!!!

  1. I know it has to feel great being back home!
    I love that pic of you with your sweet friends … & the doggie :)
    I’d make sure everyone took off shoes walking on my new floor :)

  2. oh yay, how exciting!! i love when kc can convince one of his male friends to help, i can lift heavy stuff… but i don’t want to!! haha.
    good luck with protecting the floors!! ours are fine, they aren’t real wood though. there is one scratch, the cats knocked a lamp over and it broke and scratched the floors. i’ve heard that laminate is stronger and more durable than real wood when it comes to like kids and dogs… i mean, real wood is better of course but just more prone to scratches i guess!! i’m sure yours will be fine!

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