This weekend we had a house full of my family because their house is out of commission due to the fire but it was nice to not have a fundraiser take up all our time like the past two weekends.

Friday | I left work early to get ready for Justin and Ali’s wedding ceremony. The ceremony was for family only and they had the reception/party on Saturday.

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During their ceremony, they signed their family Bible that will be displayed in their new home. I had never seen this done before but really loved the idea.

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The ceremony took place at Ali’s dads church and he performed the ceremony.

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Short and sweet…My cousin Josh timed the ceremony at 12 minutes.

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The parents of the bride and groom.

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Grandparents of the bride and groom.

Saturday |  I woke up Saturday morning to find a pup desperate to get in the bedroom with his Mommy.

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Saturday afternoon was spent helping my mom get ready to leave for their mission trip to Canada. She had a few errands she needed me to run and then we went back to their house to get their luggage and clothes to bring back to my house to pack. The power company came and got their meter and the house has to be inspected {once everything from the fire is fixed} before they have power again so not only does it still smell like smoke but it’s 900 degrees inside. Once we got back home, I had to get ready for Justin and Ali’s reception.

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Loved, loved, loved the mason jar chandelier.

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Ali’s uncle was her florist and he did a great job with the flowers. They were absolutely beautiful.


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Bahaha! Such a nut.

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Doesn’t Ali look beautiful???

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My sweet Papa.

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Of course my husband would draw the Ninja Turtle on their monogram guestbook.

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Such big smiles…so sweet.

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The model of the family.

My parents made it to the reception after they finished some last minute packing and after the reception, we headed home for them to rest. We said our goodbyes and Cory and I headed to bed. I set my alarm for 1:30 am to see them off to the airport but Cory and I both slept through my alarm. Cory woke me up at 2:15 and they had already left. Bad daughter of the year :( Sorry, Mom and Dad!

Sunday | We had our VBS finale at church along with our annual lake day. The children led worship and than we had a baptism in the lake.

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After the baptism, we ate our picnic lunch and hung out by the lake for a little while with the church. When we got home, I knew that I needed to work on my blog but it was such a gorgeous day, I didn’t want to waste it by being inside on my computer. Cory has been nagging me to read Divergence so we can see the movie so I decided to take advantage of weather, threw on a bathing suit and headed to our patio to start the books. Way better than working on the blog, right?

We ended the weekend by finishing season 2 of OITNB but now we have wait an eternity for season 3. I can’t find an official release date but from what I’m reading it looks like summer 2015. Seriously, a whole year???

So there you have my weekend roundup a day late, but linked up with my girl Biana!

20 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. oh what a cute wedding! i love both of her dresses, so sweet! i wanted to wear a dress like her first one to our wedding when it was just going to be courthouse + dinner. so simple yet so gorgeous. and hey, at least your husband only draws ninja turtles. my husband – and a friend of his – always draw something not very funny (to girls, anyway!) and I have almost convinced him to stop doing it on wedding related things.

    1. Bahaha…just at wedding related things?? I loved her dresses…they were originally planning on eloping but both their families really wanted a wedding which is why they did a very small ceremony. I thought she looked gorgeous!

  2. What a jam packed weekend!! I can’t believe the ceremony was only 12 minutes – that is how they all should be haha!! Love the mason Jar Chandelier – that is a really great idea!

  3. Awww! What a beautiful wedding! I love how casual yet elegant it was! That chandelier is awesome!!! is that a wedding ring on your finger girl?! Did you get a new one?! :)

    1. I want that chandelier in my house! I love it! Yes and no…I bought a cheap one to wear until I pick out a new one. We haven’t had much time to go pick a new one out so my $13 one is working for now!

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