Weekend Recap

What to say about my weekend? This was probably the most least exciting relaxing weekend I’ve had in a while but it was much needed. My weekend was so relaxing I didn’t even take one picture. Long story short, my weekend went a little like this: eat, sleep, worked on a wreath, pool, eat, sleep, nursery at church, lots of dirty diapers, pool, eat. See why I didn’t take any pictures? They wouldn’t have been very interesting. Unless your idea of interesting is pictures of me bummin’ around with no makeup and pool hair, than you might have enjoyed them. 


When I say sleep, I mean the good kind of sleep. Like, the 12 hours kind of good sleep. I’ve had a hard time sleeping since my husband is 7500 miles away and it felt so good to catch up on some rest. I’m really hoping this week is different but it’s not looking too good. Normally I don’t work on Mondays but we have graduation on Friday so our office has to work the university schedule. It’s already after 10:00 pm and I’m not feeling very tired. I thought spending the weekend in the sun would tire me out but my brain just won’t shut off. 

Speaking of weekend in the sun…can I say how nice it was to have a whole weekend of sunshine? The weather this summer has been strange. I can’t ever remember a summer that it has rained as much as it has this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love the lakes being full just as much as the next girl but glad to catch a break! It’s amazing what a little sun on your skin will do for the mind. 

Anyways, that’s enough of my babbling. I hope ya’ll have a great week and may God bless!

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