Week 34 Bumpdate

I’m alive, I’m alive! And yes, still pregnant. I know the radio silence was probably suspicious but it’s been a rough two weeks. So, let’s catch up? This is actually last week’s bumpdate and I plan to do week 35 before the end of this week. “Plan” being the key word there.

week 34 bumpdate

How Far Along: 34 weeks, 4 days.
Size of Baby: She’s the size of a butternut squash. 17.7 inches long and 4.63 pounds, according to my app but we’ve got a big baby on our hands. I was measuring a week+ ahead at my last appointment.
Gender: It’s a sweet girl! Read all about our gender reveal party here!
Movement: Still strong, but it’s a different kind of movements. No more flips, just bulging body parts like an arm or a butt.
Sleep: If I can get comfortable and stay comfortable, I sleep fairly well–but that’s a big if. Most nights, I’m only getting about 4 or 5 hours at a time. I’ve been getting up somewhere between 3:30 and 5:00 am. Normally, I get a snack and lay back down until I can drift off for a few more hours.
Workouts: Just getting out of bed is a workout at this point. Workouts will have to come later.
Maternity Clothes: Have you seen that belly? Maternity shorts and dresses all the way.
Weight Gain: I’m gonna stop reporting this number because it really bothers me. I know a lot of it is water weight but it’s still more than I’d like to admit.
Symptoms: The usual…lots of swelling and heartburn. But let’s catch up a little from the last two weeks. Thursday before last, I started having some cramps while at work. I called the OBGYN and she told me to go home, drink lots of water, and lie on my left side for two hours to see if it would help. So I did. About 2 1/2 hours later, I started having some pretty consistent contractions in my lower back. Cory came home from work and we waited to see if I got to more than 6 in an hour, which was when the nurse told me to head to the hospital. Around 2:30 pm, I had had 4 in a 50-minute period and then I feel asleep on the couch. The contractions stopped from there on. As consistently as they were coming, we were certain we would be having a baby that day but we didn’t. Obviously.

Fast forward to this past Thursday {which always seems to be the day something happens} and I woke up about 4:30 with awful heartburn. We had had chicken tacos the night before so I just assumed all my nausea was from that. I popped some tums and laid back down to see if I could get it to ease up when out of nowhere I was hit like a ton of bricks, with the nastiest stomach virus I’ve had in a LONG time. As if being almost nine months pregnant is bad enough, add a raging stomach virus on top of that. It was pretty much the worst 10 hours of my life and left me feeling completely drained, tired, exhausted, sore…everything you could think of. I spent the next two days in bed, resting and trying to recover.
Cravings/Aversions: I’ve felt extremely dehydrated after that nasty bug and could only manage to keep down a few ice chips Thursday so I’ve been trying to drink as much water and eat as much ice to help. Other than that, the only thing I’ve been craving are green peppermints. Weird, huh?
Missing Most: My whole body not being swollen. My face, hands, knees, legs, ankles…they are all so swollen and my feet, especially, really hurt when they get so big.
Nursery: The nursery is like 97% finished. Cory has worked so hard to get it done and have everything ready for our baby girl. The last thing we need to finish is her name sign that will go over her crib and I’ve got to find a way to attach the bumper. The ties aren’t long enough to tie around the crib and the back is a solid piece so there are no slats for the strings. Once it’s all finished, I will share pictures but it may be after she’s here so I can share the name sign as well.
Labor Signs: Yes, see above. But at this point, bring on the labor signs. I can say this now since I’m really over 35 weeks.
Belly Button In or Out? Out.
Wedding Rings On or Off? My rings are safely tucked away in my jewelry box for the remainder of my pregnancy, I assume.
Hubby: As always, Cory has been a freakin super hero. Like I said above, he has worked his tail off in the nursery and around the house to prepare for her arrival. On top of that, he’s had to take care of me being sick and having contractions. I can never fully express how much it helps to have such a supportive husband.
Best Part of the Week: Getting over the stomach bug? Just kidding. We did have our last shower before she gets here {we have another planned once she arrives} and it was so nice to celebrate once more and love on Hot Pie.
Can’t Wait For: I’m to the point now where I’m just ready for her to be here. I’m ready to not be pregnant any more but most of all, I’m just ready to see her and hold her and love on our girl.

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7 thoughts on “Week 34 Bumpdate

  1. That is just pure 100% bad luck to get a stomach bug being PG… you’ve had a rough go this whole pregnancy. Bless your heart. You’ve done so well! Hang in there. The finish line is getting really close!!!

  2. Awe, Paige! That is terrible. Stomach bug!!! I am so sorry you are having such a rough time of it. Pregnancy is rough enough without any help (especially pregnancy in the southern heat).
    I remember thinking I wouldn’t be one of those women who complained about being pregnant in the end. I was going to enjoy every minute of it. Then I got pregnant and by the last month I was “joking” about being ready to evict Little Bit. I really think God makes it that way on purpose. If we didn’t become so miserable in the end, I think most of us would loose focus on the big picture of having them outside with us and enjoy keeping them safe inside of us, lol. I still think I can say I enjoyed being pregnant- as much as anyone can enjoy being pregnant. :) Looking back, I would do it all over again for him. He was totally worth it, and you will think the same once she is here. Hope she is enjoying her privacy because I know once she is here y’all will have her completely wrapped up in hugs and kisses from there on out.

  3. You’re so cute!!! But oh my gosh I feel you on that stomach virus. I had one earlier in my pregnancy and it was the literal WORST day of my entire life. So so so sorry you had to have it recently :( Thank heavens it is gone now!! You look so great and we’re so close!!!! ahhhhhh!!! I’m so at that point, too. Like alright baby girl ,whenever you’re ready, come on out!! haha only a few more weeks!

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