Week 15 Bumpdate

Week 15 BumpdateHow Far Along: 15 weeks, 4 days
Size of Baby: A navel orange and a whopping 4 inches long!
Gender: Well…I had to have another ultrasound yesterday and I asked about the gender. At first, Morgan, our ultrasound tech, couldn’t tell because Hot Pie was literally standing on it’s head but after our appointment with the doctor she took another look for us {so, so sweet!} and got a few good pictures! We will find out on the 21st at our gender reveal. EEEK!
Movement: No movement yet. Everyone says I’ll know it when it happens so I’m depending on that!
Sleep: Only one crazy dream this week and other than Saturday night, I’ve slept really good.
Workouts: None but I’ve got to start walking or doing something. Just the stairs at work make me out breathe and that’s not good.
Maternity Clothes: A friend of mine let me borrow a couple of pair of maternity jeans and holy cow are they comfortable! I’m good with most my shirts but I will definitely be adding a few pair of maternity pants I can wear to work to my wardrobe.
Weight Gain: Up about 4lbs and back at my starting weight.
Symptoms: After getting a lot of rest this weekend, I felt really good the past couple of days. I’m praying this means that my morning sickness is on it’s way out. The only other thing is this awful pain in the right side of my lower back. Saturday, it felt like I had a bone sticking out it hurt so bad which then turned into the muscle that stretched all the way down my butt cheek. {Sorry, TMI!} It felt much better after Cory messaged it out Sunday morning. My back, not my butt, that is.
Cravings/Aversions: Still haven’t tried coffee but I am craving fruit like crazy this week. Some grapes and strawberries….yum!
Missing Most: Not really missing anything at this point.
Nursery: We finished setting up my Kallax unit in the office this past weekend and it’s the first step to getting everything organized so we can get the nursery cleaned out. But that’s about it.
Labor Signs: No! Thank you, Jesus!
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Hubby: He was feeling a little run down this weekend after I could barely move on Saturday but even so he’s still so helpful and willing to do whatever I need. Seriously, the best.
Best Part of the Week: We got to see Hot Pie again and the baby had a healthy heartbeat. And we scheduled our anatomy scan for March 7th!
Can’t Wait For: To celebrate Valentine’s day with my baby daddy.

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5 thoughts on “Week 15 Bumpdate

  1. Glad the morning sickness seams to be going away!! Sorry to hear about your back pain though! I didn’t get that until I was further along, but it is no fun I know. Keep those heating pads on at night and try to get up and walk/stretch during the day. Looking great mama!

  2. Sounds like sciatica in that back/butt area – if it keeps up – get in with a massage therapist. You are going to have a big bump soon & you want a good healthy back :)

    cant wait for the gender. My money is still on girl

  3. I love your top! I definitely try to squeeze into my non maternity pants as long as possible however there’s nothing better than maternity pants! Soooo comfy! Although they can be expensive so I always try to hit up clearance or ebay :)

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