Valentine’s Day

A few weeks ago, Cory approached me about some changes in our relationship and said that he felt we should start “dating” each other again. After being married three years, it’s easy to fall into habits and routines and forget to romance each other. For most occasions (birthday, anniversaries, Christmas) we just tell each other what we want and the other person gets it but what fun is that? Sure, it takes the guessing out of it but one of the best parts about being in a relationship is surprising your significant other with gifts you are hoping they like. 

While trying to come up with something really good,  I happened to come across Jana’s post 14 Days of Valentine’s Day and knew this was what I wanted to do for Cory. It was already past the first day of February so I was a little late getting started but nonetheless, Cory loved it!

I used some of Jana’s printable tags but I also used some of Ashley’s at Mommy by day Crafter by night.

 Day 1: You Make My Heart Sing.

New lightning cable. {Cory plugs his iPhone straight into his radio to listen to music in his car but his lightning cable messed up so I picked up a new cable for him}

14 days of valentines

Day 2: You Are The Apple Of My Eye.

Dried apples.

14 days of valentines

Day 3: I’m Stuck On You.

Ninja Turtle stickers and Avengers tattoos.

14 days of valentines

Day 4: You Are One Hot Tamale.

Hot Tamales.

14 days of valentines

Day 5: I Heart You.

Heart shaped marshmallows.

14 days of valentines

Day 6: I’ve Got A Crush On You.

Orange Crush.

14 days of valentines

Day 7: You + Me Are Mint To Be.

Andes mints.

14 days of valentines

Day 8: I Go Bananas Over You.

Banana chips.

14 days of valentines

Day 9: I’m nuts about you.


14 days of valentines

Day 10 (Valentine’s Day): You’re A Beefy Hunk.

Beef jerky.

14 days of valentines

I planned on doing ten days of Valentines since I started on the 4th but I accidentally bought a few extra things so he actually got 12 days of Valentines.

Day 11: Baby You Light My Fire

Light-up badges.

14 days of valentines

Day 12: You Make My Heart Bubble Over.

Hubba bubba bubble tape.

14 days of valentines

Cory and I didn’t get to spend Valentine’s Day together because he had to work Friday night so we exchanged gifts before I left for work.

Valentines Day

My Valentines

And he brought me lunch to work on Friday with flowers and the most beautiful note he’s ever written. I won’t share it all but just have to brag on how sweet of husband he is and share a portion of it.

“He (the Lord) has given me the gift of being a part of all the wonderful things He’s going to do in your life, all the sorrows and triumphs, all the tears and all the laughter, all the joy and new things, and all the old memories that have yet to happen. He’s given me front-row tickets to be a main character in the story of the most incredible person I’ve ever known.”


And than there’s this…

Valentines Card

My card to Cory. Probably not the sweetest Valentine’s Card but he enjoyed it. Since my valentine was stuck at work, I went out with Amber and Bethany to dinner and a movie. We took advantage of the girls night and chose a total chick flick, Endless Love. It was really good and a definite tearjerker. Saturday night Cory and I had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, did a little shopping at Target and stopped at Starbucks on the way home. Once we got home, we curled up on the couch and watched Lone Survivor which is a bigger tearjerker than Endless Love, by the way. It was nothing extravagant but with Cory working so much lately it was nice just to be with him for the whole evening!

How did you spend your Valentine’s?

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. That is so crazy, we watched lone survivor at the theatre on valentines! Hubby wanted to see it and he had a gift card so we saw that and then picked up applebees went home and i made chocolate covered strawberries and we watched footloose and fell asleep on the couch! lol.

    1. After it was over, I was telling Cory how sad it was because so many people died and he said “What did you expect watching a movie called LONE Survivor?” The title never even crossed my mind! And I loved chocolate covered strawberries! My favorite food of. all. time.

  2. Oh my goodness. I think it’s so precious that your hubs approached you about “dating” again. That is so sweet! I totally agree. I’ve been married for almost two years and the comfort sets in quick. You have to be really aware and take initiative! I just stumbled across your blog and I’m happy i did!

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