The Wedding Day: The Reception

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It’s no secret that I didn’t enjoy wedding planning. After months and months of decision making and stressing over it, I was so excited to have the ceremony behind usĀ and be able to enjoy myself at the reception. We had our reception at Occasions at Wedgefield, right outside of Clemson, with a great DJ {and wedding planner} to keep things moving smoothly and everyone danced the night away {so cliche, right?}. Obviously, I’m biased but our reception was the funnest one I’ve ever been to and I believe that’s apparent by the pictures below!

IMG_9117 IMG_9116 IMG_9123 IMG_9126 IMG_9197IMG_9163

Our first dance was to “You’re the Reason I Come Home” by Ron Pope. Sound familiar?


Candy apple favors and they were the bomb!

IMG_9205 IMG_9303 IMG_9307IMG_9313IMG_9298 IMG_9323 IMG_9327 IMG_9364

My dad and I danced to “Walk with You” by Edwin McCain. I still remember letting him hear the song for the first time and his response was “it’s good if you wanna make everyone cry”. He was right.

IMG_9362 IMG_9374 IMG_9377 IMG_9387 IMG_9403 IMG_9599IMG_9601IMG_9606

Funny story…when we got back from our honeymoon, we couldn’t find our marriage licenses anywhere. We searched for weeks and were convinced it was just lost in all the chaos of the wedding day. When we got our proofs back and saw this picture, we remembered the preacher told us he was giving it to Cory’s dad to hold on to for us. Don’t let our faces fool you, we clearly weren’t listening.


After all the formalities of a wedding reception were done with, the DJ told everyone to grab the prettiest lady in the room and head to the dance floor to get the party started. Cory’s best friend Zach grabbed my mom {not that I disagree}. How funny is that!?!?


Remember right before our ceremony, Taylor couldn’t fight sleep anymore and crashed hard? Well, good thing she did because she had an absolute ball at the reception and hung in there with us all night!


We were ready to get the fun started but you can’t really tell by the looks on our faces.


Two people who I never thought would dance…my dad and Cory’s brother Caleb. Ahem.

IMG_9733 IMG_9742 IMG_9754 IMG_9787

This would be Cory’s aunt Debbie dragging Zach across the dance floor. By. his. tie.

IMG_9830 IMG_9840 IMG_9845 IMG_9853 IMG_9862 IMG_9871 IMG_9917 IMG_9927 IMG_9945 IMG_9962 IMG_9991 IMGa_0077
Cory backin it up!

By the last song of the night, we were all exhausted. Poor Taylor was just aimlessly wondering around at that point.
IMGa_0179 IMGa_0185 IMGa_0192 IMGa_0196
Off to St. Lucia with a little help from our friends.

Check back next week for a recap of our St. Lucian honeymoon!

24 thoughts on “The Wedding Day: The Reception

  1. I’ve been waiting for these photos!! I love the ceiling in your venue – it’s so pretty adn different!! Now that I know the reason behind your blog name – it makes it even better!! Looks like it was a fun night and I love the bubble exit!! :)

    1. They were so good! Cory’s aunt actually made our cake for us (she does it on the side) and it was our wedding gift! We were so thrilled to have her making it and it was delicious!

  2. Candy apple favors?! brilliant!!!

    and I now know we really are meant to be friends. I had walk with you in my wedding too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get back on re-capping our wedding.

    1. They were so good, too! Totally meant to be besties! I had never heard that song and I really can’t remember how I came across it but it still makes me tear up! Love my sweet daddy!

  3. it looks like a fun, fabulous time! i love your favours. but i feel you – after months of horrible stressful planning and annoying people i just wanted to get to the party.

  4. Your reception was beautiful! And love the dance floor pictures, everyone really looks like they are enjoying themselves! That was my biggest worry about our wedding – that people wouldn’t have fun – and as soon as I saw everyone dancing and drinking at the reception, I could FINALLY relax!

    1. Girl, I had nightmares of having a boring reception. I’m not sure why I was so worried about it with the group of friends we’ve got! I think it helped that Cory and I jumped right in to all the fun!

  5. Your reception looks like it was an absolute blast! I love your colors!! I can’t wait to hear about St. Lucia!!! I have always wanted to go there! Ps. You looked absolutely gorgeous ofcourse!


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