The Wedding Day: The Ceremony

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Some of my favorite pictures are from before the ceremony. We had finished taking our pictures and everyone was hanging out in the sanctuary, waiting on the ceremony to begin.  Cory didn’t play during our wedding, a good friend Christopher Branch did, but he had to pick up his guitar while waiting :)

IMG_8688IMG_8597 IMG_8608



This was one of my two fabulous wedding directors, Deloris. She was a friend of our families since I was little and totally got me. She was organized and made my ceremony go so smoothly. She took control so I didn’t have to. Unfortunately, she passed away about a year after our wedding from cancer and her bubbly personality and infectious laugh is dearly missed.

IMG_8658IMG_8725 IMG_8740 IMG_8758


Something that was really important to me was trying to save my bridesmaids as much money as possible. In an effort to have everything matching and cut the cost, Cory’s grandmother made my bridesmaid dresses, the guys ties and Cory’s vest. With the same fabric, my Nana made all the table runners for the reception. It was a huge money saver for the girls and everything was the perfect color!



Taylor, my niece, was so sleepy by this point. She had missed her afternoon nap and we were trying to keep her awake so she could do the ringing of the hour at the start of the ceremony. About 15 minutes before it started, we just gave up and let her sleep! She instantly knocked out but was good to go for the rest of the night!

IMG_8528IMG_8594IMG_8659IMG_8660IMG_8703 IMG_8807 IMG_8809 IMG_8814IMG_8848

As we walked into the foyer of the church, Gracie had a complete meltdown. I have no idea what it was over because until I saw this picture, I never knew she had one. Literally, minutes later she was cool as cucumber and was the most perfect flower girl. Wonder what she was bribed with?


See…cool as a cucumber!



Since Taylor was sleeping, Ryan had to pull double duty and do the ringing of the hour and be our ring bearer.





I looked scared to death, don’t I? I promise I wasn’t!


To this day, our ceremony was the shortest I’ve ever been to. We were ready to be married and didn’t waste any time! I hope you enjoyed our ceremony recap and will come back next week to see our wedding party and family pictures!

22 thoughts on “The Wedding Day: The Ceremony

  1. Most ceremonies are short – I always tell my brides, the wedding is the shortest part of the day :)
    Glad you have a picture for memory of the lady that passed away.
    Yep – most kids have those melt down moments. I rather them then the bridal party :)

    1. oh, yes! me too! thankfully, we had a wonderful bridal party and now meltdowns! I remember our preacher saying the rehearsal would be longer than the actual ceremony!

  2. I love your wedding pictures. They look beautiful. Even your church matched your colors. That rarely happens!
    Our ceremony was short, too, and I was SO grateful! Actually, I told my husband about your wedding picks the other day. I mentioned your colors and told him how nice they were. A month before our wedding a friend of his got married. Their colors were green and orange, but unfortunately they were more like lime green and neon orange with bright yellow accents. It looked more like a 70s dish pattern, but I still wonder if she hadn’t wanted darker colors like yours to match her rustic theme. I get the feeling her wedding planner was not as concerned as yours. They also has a VERY long ceremony and the preacher sounded miserable. Nice story, right. All this to say, your wedding looks beautiful!

    1. They had just painted the church a few months before our wedding and I was so worried it wouldn’t look right but so glad it did! Girl, I am so glad to hear that story because I went back and forth forever if I should add the green in and then I really wanted the flowers to be a little more lively but apparently they were out of season. It makes my heart happy to hear all the colors looked good and not like a disco!

  3. beautiful ceremony! our ceremony was super short too, no messing about, no extras, just the vows and all that jazz. it was wonderful. i hate long ceremonies, oops! and i love that last picture :)

  4. I can’t believe Cory’s Grandmother made all of those items! That is amazing!!!!!!! I love that last picture of you two! You look so happy! Our ceremony was super short too! I think like 15 minutes! We felt the same way as you, just get it done! ;)

    1. After our wedding, she swore she would never make another dress but we sure were thankful she did ours because she helped us out big time! Long ceremonies are for the birds…let’s get to the party!

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