The Wedding Day: Getting Ready & Sneak Peek

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September 18th was easily the most perfect day of my life.

While planning my wedding, I imagined it would be a cool fall day and the leaves would be the most beautiful shades of yellow and orange. I should’ve known better. September 18th is still smack dab in the middle of summer in SC and it was hot. Like 95 degrees kind of hot. Regardless, it was perfect to us. Did everything go off without a hitch? I doubt it, but Cory and I had two awesome wedding planners and we never knew if something did go wrong.

150 of our closest friends and family gathered around us and helped us kick off our marriage with a bang. The day was relaxing {surprisingly}, the ceremony was beautiful, we danced the night away at the reception and the wedding planning was finally over!

The day started off EARLY. We had to be at the hair salon by 7:00 am for a 6:30 pm wedding.

IMG_7620 1

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Cory and I decided to do something a little less traditional and have a sneak peek before the ceremony. It allowed us to get all of our family pictures done {and we had a bunch} before the ceremony and we loved it! We had a few minutes for just the two of us on a very hectic day and I love the pictures of Cory’s expression when seeing me for the first time. Sometimes with only one photographer, those pictures get lost in a big church. I do wish that we had thought of a better location though. I was too excited to see Cory and for Cory to see me in my dress to think of how the pictures would turn out.


Love his face!


He was totally checking me out!


Next week I’ll be covering through the ceremony and I hope you’ll join me!

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  • That was the sweetest most romantic and beautiful thing i have ever seen! I only know cory’s mom darla, but i feel like i just watched a preview to a beautiful love story!!! Omg! That got my day startEd on just the right note! Thank you!

    • Aw! Thank you so much! So glad you stopped by!

  • Aw you look so pretty! And that picture of Cory checking you out is hilarious, have a good “Friday”!

  • LOVE your dress – its so pretty and you looked flawless!! Love the first look photos!!

  • Those pics of him first seeing you, so cute! His face is like “ooohhh” I love it. You look gorgeous!

  • So sweet. I love the green shoes!!!!
    Yep – I have a 6:30 wedding I’m photographing next weekend & I made her start her hair appointment at 10 am :) LONG DAY!!!

    • Thank you! It was a long day but it went by so quickly!!!

  • lauryn

    aww girl!!!! sooo sweet!! i love your dress!!! you look stunning!!! LOVE the colors u picked too and that you did your shoes green!!! we got married in NC on nov 18 of 06 and it was still kinda hott too !!! lol i totally know what u mean about the carolina weather! ok cutest pic of him checking you out!! LOL love it!!!

    • Thanks, love! It never gets cool here to at least October so we should of known!

  • I love these pictures! September 18th!!!! That was almost an exact month before us. I had actually thought of marrying in September, too, but fall doesn’t start here until mid or end of October. I would be willing to bet summer is more bearable anywhere else than in Louisiana. :) Your colors look beautiful together!

    • Oh, gosh! I’m sure it’s unbearable in Louisiana! And thank you!

  • So pretty! I absolutely love the brown and burnt orange for the bridal party! So pretty!!

    • Thank you!!! I had hoped it would be more fall but at least it looks like it!