The Day It Finally Happened

I knew it was coming, y’all. The tension in the Sloan household has been high for the past couple weeks. Everything has been a struggle. It seems like nothing has gone back up as smoothly as it came down and there really hasn’t been much I can do to help. My suggestions are always shot down- mainly because they’re always “who can we call? Your dad? Vince? John, the next door neighbor? He was a brick mason, he should know about plumbing, right?!”

Apparently, those aren’t the suggestions he wants to hear.

After 6 long weeks of renovating our kitchen, it finally happened.

Cory came out from underneath the house covered in “s**t water” {his words, not mine. And if you know my husband, you know he never cusses} and said “call a plumber, call a drywall man, call a cabinet man because I’m not doing anymore. I’m tired of fighting everything I do.”

You see, we knew plumbing was going to be one of the hardest parts of this reno because while my sweet boy has many talents, plumbing is not one of them. We just thought we had a couple more weeks before we got to the plumbing until Cory realized the new drain needed to be moved before we finished the drywall.

*I have to add that I did in fact ask, before we hung any drywall, if the plumbing didn’t need to be moved first, to which I was told no. But yesterday evening really wasn’t the time to point that out, in fear that a t-handle might get thrown through a window. 

I’m only slightly kidding. A t-handle did get tossed across the yard. 

All day, shouts of anger and frustration had been coming from beneath the house and every time, I stopped and prayed for just one thing to go right. After hours of Cory fighting soldering copper pipes {because that was the cheaper, albeit way more difficult, way}  and apparently rolling around in s**t water {I don’t even know how that happened but he smelt awful}, we headed back to Home Depot for the fourth time. After he changed, of course.

Seriously, the lady at the register knows us by name. She is genuinely interested in the progress of our renovations, too. I think I will take her before and after pictures once we are done.

Anyway…he finally gave up on soldering the pipes and decided to go with the easier, more expensive fix.  Annnd…the plumbing was done in less than 30 minutes.


After patching a few holes, not related to the throwing of any tools, he called it a night. A well deserved night.

Here’s to hoping the next couple of weeks won’t be as bad as the last few.

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8 thoughts on “The Day It Finally Happened

  1. I have loved following along with y’alls remodeling projects! We are buying a home now that needs a major kitchen renovation, so I will be on your blog trying to steal all of your cute ideas! Thanks for sharing how the process is going!

  2. Girl, i could tell tHis morning at church how stressed out you are. I pray the rest of the renovation goes smoothly. Just remember, once its all done, it will be worth it!! It will be something you guys can say you did together!! It is a bonding experience. Keep your head up and prayers flOwing. Love ya chic!

  3. Oh gosh… you never get through renovations without drama. I watch HGTV – that’s how I know :)
    & this is why if we ever do anything at our house – I’m moving out until its all done.

  4. Well I think if the first breakdown didn’t happen until six weeks in y’all are doing pretty darn good. I ask Corey to hang a shelf and it seems like WWIII is about to go down.

    I give him props for attempting the plumbing on his own, that can not be easy. And props to you for being a good wifey and being patient with him while he was upset. Y’all will get through it and it’s gonna look amazing!

  5. Haha it was bound to happen, right?! Renovations have to be the MOST stressful thing! And I’m pretty sure the Home Depot people know us by name, too – we were there 3 times just on Sunday. Nick has finally realized he should make a list before going up there ;)

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