Thanksgiving 2017

Another Thanksgiving with our Baker girl and my first official “school break” since starting my new job with the school district. Even though it was just one day longer than my previous job, that day made a big difference! Baker and I enjoyed a lot of snuggle time since Daddy had to work most of the break, but it was a sweet time to recharge with my little family.

We woke up on Thanksgiving morning and enjoyed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade over a warm cup of coffee while Daddy did a little cooking. Baker was actually really into the parade this year.

Very early on in our marriage, Cory and I decided to take turns spending holidays like Thanksgiving (only one day) with my family and his, but we’ve still tried to make it to as many family gathering as possible each year. Once we added Baker into the mix, we decided we would only do one celebration each holiday because it was just too much and too exhausting. Last year we spent the day with his side of the family, so this year it was my family’s turn.

My family started a new tradition this year and combined both sides of my Aunt’s family and it really worked out great. Baker got to spend the day with one of her favorite cousins, Lincoln, despite the looks on both their faces!

It’s so much fun having these two close in age! And how adorable is his big grin? His whole face smiles.

Days like Thanksgiving are wonderful but anyone with a toddler knows how much they throw off our nap schedules. Sometimes, you just gotta take a minute. HA!

Funny little story… I’ve always known that Baker is not a brave child. Honestly, that’s why she’s still not walking. She can 100% walk on her own (we’ve seen her do it for months now) but she scares herself and  won’t do it. Linc is the polar opposite and is like a little tornado coming through! This picture perfectly portrays that! Baker was gently trying to put the magnets on the fridge and Linc was coming right behind her and pushing them all of. Poor Ali (Linc’s mama) was fighting a losing battle!

Maybe that’s the difference in boys and girls? Or maybe it’s just the difference in Linc and Baker; but it is hilarous to watch the two of them together.

I ordered Baker the cutest Thanksgiving outfit and it didn’t come in until the week after Thanksgiving. I was so disappointed, but thank goodness for hand-me-downs!

Our little gal has changed so much in a year. I wish time would just slow down a little! Actually, can I point out how much we’ve all changed (and how much weight has been loss)??

And just like the last few years, Mom and I did our annual Black Friday Thanksgiving Day shopping. We typically go to Greenville to see my grandparents before we start shopping around midnight, but places are opening earlier and earlier and closing by 12 or 1 am. This year I had to be home for Cory to go to work on Friday morning, so we just did some local shopping and were home before 1am. Surprisingly we saw more crowds this year than we have in the past, but the only line we had to stand in was Kohl’s and it was a beast. They did have some good deals, though, so it was worth it.

Leaving Baker to go to work every day is still difficult even though I know she is so loved and so cared for during the day by Cory’s grandparents. I will never have enough words to describe how much of a blessing they have been to our sweet girl (and her mama’s anxiety) but there are still days or weeks when it just hits so hard that I am missing so much of her little life. So when I get breaks to spend all day with her, I try to soak it in as much as possible-lots of snuggles and pjs all day! And that’s pretty much how we spent the rest of our Thanksgiving break.

I don’t get much accomplished when I’m home with her, but time with my girl is worth it every single time!








One thought on “Thanksgiving 2017

  1. First, you all look so good!!!!!
    I love she already got into the parade, my kinda gal.
    Its so hard to make,all families happy at the holidays. You gotta do what works for YOUR family

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