Kristen’s Gamecock Wedding

I’ve wanted to get the pictures up from Kristen’s gamecock wedding for days weeks now but life has been so full. Mandy @ House of Rose wrote a post about summer being a blur but rather than saying life was so busy, she said she was going to focus on saying her “life was full”. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve tried to do the same thing and be thankful mine and Cory’s summer has been filled with so much goodness rather than stressing about being too busy.

The only downside to not stressing about being busy is it takes me almost four weeks to recap my bestie’s wedding. #bestiefail AND #bloggerfail

*I took some of these photos from Kristen’s wedding photos by Famzing. Don’t worry, you can tell the difference because mine were awful. I will learn to use camera eventually.

Cory and Paige Sloan

Saturday afternoon, Cory and I headed to Taylors for the rehearsal dinner. After the rehearsal dinner, Cory went home and the girls got a hotel in Spartanburg.

folding programs

 A little last minute wedding prep.


Wedding dress getting ready wedding day wedding day getting ready getting ready wedding day hair Bridal hair bridal makeup IMG_7465 getting ready wedding day bridesmaids hair Wedding day

Me and KP

Bridesmaids Bridesmaids ring picture Chucks Bridesmaids


Getting Ready

The Lodge at Lake Bowen CommonsThe Lodge at Lake Bowen CommonsGamecock wedding bridesmaids

garnet and black bridesmaid

Kristen was one of my first friends I made when I moved to public school. I had no idea when we started talking in 6th grade chorus that it would turn into a life long friendship but so thankful it did.

Funny wedding photo

Bride walking down the aisle Gamecock wedding

Garnet and Black wedding garnet bridesmaid dresses Bridesmaidsgamecock wedding first dance

IMG_7520IMG_7522The Lodge at Lake Bowen Commosn

Gamecock wedding cake

shoe game

Me and Cory

Gamecock wedding

In case you couldn’t tell already by all the garnet and black {and the title of this post} but Kristen and Jarred {and pretty much everyone else at the wedding} are huge South Carolina fans. If you are familiar with the south and football, you know that Clemson and Carolina are huge rivals. So when Cocky showed up…

Gamecock "Cocky" wedding

Cory and I had to make it known we aren’t Carolina fans. After this, Cocky challenged Cory to a dance off which ended with Cory backin’ it up on Cocky. Lord, I wish I had that on video!



Maybe I can just stick my hands in my pocket and Cocky won’t come hug me. He would  have gotten dissed if he had tried. The rivalry is that strong, y’all.

The Lodge at Lake Bowen Commons University of South Carolina garter

gamecock wedding garter toss gamecock wedding

university of south carolina weddingHands in the air

Whoop, whoop! That smile just radiates happiness, doesn’t it? So happy for her and Jarred!


So it turns out that being so far behind worked out perfectly because today is Kristen’s birthday. What better way to wish her a happy birthday than have a whole post devoted to her special day??

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day, Kristen and I hope you have the happiest birthday ever you ‘ole married lady! Love you :)

Our Love Story: Engagement Photos

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engagement photo ideas

Cory and I met our photographer, Mary Kate of Mphotography, at a wedding festival and I instantly feel in love with her. Her work was fabulous, she was so easy to talk to and she loved dogs as much as I did! After the festival, we scheduled a coffee date to sit down with her, share our vision and see some more of her work. We booked her that day!

Looking back through these photos makes my heart happy and I’m totally bummed that Mary Kate doesn’t shoot anymore.

Cory’s grandparents have a good bit of land that’s been in the family for many generations now and we took our engagement photos at the barn which is close to 60 years old.

engagement photos engagement pictures family photos family photo ideas

Our only child at the time, Einstein, had to be included!

barn photos engagement pictures engagement picture ideas engagement photos engagement photo ideas engagement photo poses engagement photo poses engagement photo outfits engagement photography engagement picture poses engagement ring picture engagement picture ideas engagement picture tips engagement picture ideas engagement photo poses engagement pictures engagement picture posesPaige Sloan Cory SloanCory Sloan engagement pictures Paige Sloan engagement photos family photo ideas fall photo ideas photo ideas engagement picture engagement photo poses engagement pictures natural poses photo posesengagement pics

I absolutely adore these photos because I really think they capture us as a couple. We’ve always had the hardest time doing the “deep gaze into your lovers eyes” pose and Mary Kate quickly had us move on to the next pose when we couldn’t stop cracking up {or captured us giggling!}. She was so easy to be around and it made it much more comfortable being on Cory’s family land. And by family land, I mean that barn is maybe 50 feet behind his great grandmothers house {who was still living at the time} and she was tickled pink that we wanted to use her “old barn”. When we needed a blanket, we hollered and asked her for one because she was watching from the back porch and the quilt she brought out to us was perfect. She ended up giving it to us as a wedding gift. God rest her sweet soul!

Now, please don’t get me wrong and think that Cory often dips me and plants a big ‘ole kiss on my lips or we hang around old farm equipment {because we don’t} but this place is literally home for Cory. It’s so natural and it allowed us to be. Cory was really playing his guitar, in some photos we were just chatting with each other and in the last couple of photos, he was warming me up because I was cold {which he is always doing!}. I truly believe being so comfortable in our surrounding {and our wonderful photographer} is what made our engagement pictures turn out so good!

Our Love Story: Bridal Showers

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Cory and I were so blessed by friends and family that all wanted to throw us a shower to celebrate our life together. If it looks like we had a lot of showers, just keep in mind that one we both have big families and two we live in the south. Showers are just what you do when someone gets married or has a baby. Here are a few highlights from our showers!

ONE |Whittaker Shower Host

I’ve been blessed to have grown up with two grandmothers on my moms side of the family and my sweet Nana hosted my first shower with the help of my moms sisters.

CakeGracie and PaigeNana Whittaker

 My sweet Nana and host!




I’m sure I said something dumb which made everyone crack up.


My Nana is a quilt maker and makes quilts for almost every special occasion for each of her grandchildren {which is a bunch} and this is our wedding quilt she made us!

TWO | Jessica and me 2

My second shower was thrown by matron of honor and best friend, Jessica and her mom Marla.


My mama and me!


Showing off my fancy outfit and shoes!



Our third shower was a co-ed shower thrown by Cory’s grandma Opal and a few of his aunts. It was so much fun for Cory and his friends to join in on the wedding celebrations.


This fabulous gift wrapping was from some of Cory’s friends. Obviously they were single and this is what they had in their car. In case you can’t read it, it says “teeths” but who really knows why??? I do love those boys and their creative minds, though!


Cory and his best friend Zach being silly in the aprons my Nana made {Zach is also one of the two guys who brought in the chick-fil-a bag…makes a little more sense now, doesn’t it?}


Our next shower was thrown by the church I grew up in, where we were members and got married.


 One hand on the hip and one holding her cake. Girl after my own heart.


I can promise you this wasn’t our idea.


My last shower was my lingerie shower thrown by my sister Jayme and Jessica and it was coupled with my bachelorette party in downtown Greenville.


Just a little innocent fun, right?


This post was actually harder than I originally thought it would be because there really wasn’t much of a story and I didn’t take near as many pictures back than as I do now but I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into all my bridal showers!

Come back next Wednesday for the next part of our love story {I would tell you but I’m still trying to decide which one to do next}!

Mother’s Day Weekend {Recap}

After a busy few weeks at work, I was looking forward to have a weekend to relax at home but who am I kidding? The Sloan’s just don’t relax that often. Except Friday night. Friday night I relaxed crashed.

Saturday morning I skipped out on helping the band set up {again…oops} and met Jessica for pedicures. Its been what feels like weeks since I’ve seen her and catching up was so nice!

My mom asked me last week to go to a wedding with her so I came home and got ready. After the wedding, her best friend Kelly needed some help finishing decorating for her sons wedding on Sunday. The wedding was supposed to be outside but the weather was bad all weekend and they had to switch to plan B so mom and I headed to help her out. Kelly and I decided we should go into business together. She did such a fabulous job with the decor and I really do enjoy event planning.

burlap wedding decor Burlap wedding decor Rustic Wedding Decor

When we were done, you really couldn’t tell it was a fellowship hall. I’m hoping the photographer got more pictures of all the details because they were all so lovely. When we finished up there, I headed home to meet Cory for a much needed date night.

Cory Sloan

My handsome hubs at Texas Roadhouse, a good steak and bake potato was exactly what I was craving! We had originally planned to go see a movie after dinner but once my belly was full I was so sleepy. We made a quick stop at Target and came on home. I literally walked in the door, changed into my pj’s and crawled into bed.

After church on Sunday, I texted mom to tell her I had a surprised for her and to meet me at my house at 2:45 and Cory would watch Gracie.

Mother's day

I grabbed a bite to eat while this face was staring at me. He really knows how to work those eyes. Don’t worry, he doesn’t get table food. His tummy can’t handle it.

Puppy eyes

Mom got to the house and asked where we were going but I didn’t tell her until we were turning in the parking lot that I had scheduled a 60 minute deep tissue massage for us both. She stays so busy that I thought she would enjoy a massage more than any gift I could get her. Plus, I could enjoy one too!

Don’t we look super relaxed??? They were glorious!

Mother's Day

While we were getting our massages, Cory took this wild child to the grocery store to get what we needed to grill hamburgers. Funny story, Gracie loves Ninja Turtles just like Cory. When mom brought her to the house, she was in a Ninja Turtle costume and when we got back from our massages, they still weren’t back from the grocery store. I asked mom if she brought Gracie a change of clothes or if Cory had to take her to the store in her costume. Turns out, she did have a change of clothes but Cory told her it wouldn’t bother him if she wanted to wear her Turtles costume.


My dad and brothers met us at the house to grill some hamburgers and celebrate how awesome of a mama we’ve got. Another not so funny story from this weekend…my brothers had been to the lake with some of there friends and while they were swimming someone stole their shirts, shoes and my brothers wallet {which is the not so funny part} but they didn’t plan to go home first so they showed up in their swimming trunks with no shoes or shirts. Don’t worry, we helped them out.

Mother's DayPlease excuse the editing on these photos. It was late last night when I did them and they always look worse on my computer than on my phone. 

I really hoped everyone got to enjoy some time with their mamas {or babies} this weekend! I’m so grateful for my sweet mama and everything she does for me and I hope she felt extra special on her big day yesterday!