My First Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day this year was extra special for two reasons. Not only, was it my first Mother’s Day with Baker Bea outside the womb but we also had the immense pleasure to dedicate Baker at church!

Being a mother has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I’m still in awe over that fact that God chose me to carry and create our sweet girl. What better way to celebrate the gift of motherhood than to publicly pledge to our Creator to raise Baker in fear of the Lord? To teach her to love as Christ loved and live a life that glorifies His name? That’s such an incredible responsibility and one that Cory and I don’t take lightly. We are so blessed that our friends and family could join us this day and pledge along side us to mold and shape Baker into the person that God has designed her to be.

Reliving this day just gives me all the feels. All. the. feels. knowing that one day our girl will be passionate and on fire for the Lord and that Cory and I have the honor to instill that in her DNA. Truly is the biggest blessing as parent.

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Mother’s Day Weekend {Recap}

After a busy few weeks at work, I was looking forward to have a weekend to relax at home but who am I kidding? The Sloan’s just don’t relax that often. Except Friday night. Friday night I relaxed crashed.

Saturday morning I skipped out on helping the band set up {again…oops} and met Jessica for pedicures. Its been what feels like weeks since I’ve seen her and catching up was so nice!

My mom asked me last week to go to a wedding with her so I came home and got ready. After the wedding, her best friend Kelly needed some help finishing decorating for her sons wedding on Sunday. The wedding was supposed to be outside but the weather was bad all weekend and they had to switch to plan B so mom and I headed to help her out. Kelly and I decided we should go into business together. She did such a fabulous job with the decor and I really do enjoy event planning.

burlap wedding decor Burlap wedding decor Rustic Wedding Decor

When we were done, you really couldn’t tell it was a fellowship hall. I’m hoping the photographer got more pictures of all the details because they were all so lovely. When we finished up there, I headed home to meet Cory for a much needed date night.

Cory Sloan

My handsome hubs at Texas Roadhouse, a good steak and bake potato was exactly what I was craving! We had originally planned to go see a movie after dinner but once my belly was full I was so sleepy. We made a quick stop at Target and came on home. I literally walked in the door, changed into my pj’s and crawled into bed.

After church on Sunday, I texted mom to tell her I had a surprised for her and to meet me at my house at 2:45 and Cory would watch Gracie.

Mother's day

I grabbed a bite to eat while this face was staring at me. He really knows how to work those eyes. Don’t worry, he doesn’t get table food. His tummy can’t handle it.

Puppy eyes

Mom got to the house and asked where we were going but I didn’t tell her until we were turning in the parking lot that I had scheduled a 60 minute deep tissue massage for us both. She stays so busy that I thought she would enjoy a massage more than any gift I could get her. Plus, I could enjoy one too!

Don’t we look super relaxed??? They were glorious!

Mother's Day

While we were getting our massages, Cory took this wild child to the grocery store to get what we needed to grill hamburgers. Funny story, Gracie loves Ninja Turtles just like Cory. When mom brought her to the house, she was in a Ninja Turtle costume and when we got back from our massages, they still weren’t back from the grocery store. I asked mom if she brought Gracie a change of clothes or if Cory had to take her to the store in her costume. Turns out, she did have a change of clothes but Cory told her it wouldn’t bother him if she wanted to wear her Turtles costume.


My dad and brothers met us at the house to grill some hamburgers and celebrate how awesome of a mama we’ve got. Another not so funny story from this weekend…my brothers had been to the lake with some of there friends and while they were swimming someone stole their shirts, shoes and my brothers wallet {which is the not so funny part} but they didn’t plan to go home first so they showed up in their swimming trunks with no shoes or shirts. Don’t worry, we helped them out.

Mother's DayPlease excuse the editing on these photos. It was late last night when I did them and they always look worse on my computer than on my phone. 

I really hoped everyone got to enjoy some time with their mamas {or babies} this weekend! I’m so grateful for my sweet mama and everything she does for me and I hope she felt extra special on her big day yesterday!