Fall Home Tour

You can catch up on all the details of my fall mantel here and my fall front porch here.

Fall Home Tour

IMG_0788 wm

Welcome to our casa! It’s small and quaint but it’s ours. Fall is one of my absolute favorite times of year {it comes in a close second to Christmas} so I’m thrilled to be sharing my fall home tour today.

IMG_076 wm9

As you walk in our front door, we have an a small foyer {more like a hall wall} leading into the living room.

IMG_0771 wmIMG_0899 wmIMG_0707 wm IMG_0885 wmIMG_0898 wm IMG_0713 wm

Please excuse my dusty table. You can’t win ’em all!

IMG_0709 wm

IMG_0880 wm

If you are standing in front of the fireplace, we have a window looking into our kitchen hence the faucet you see in the back ground.

IMG_0914 wm

You can see my Halloween Ninja Turtle pumpkin and chalkboard sign here.

IMG_0881 wm

IMG_0401 wmIMG_0720 wm

Can you tell I have a thing for owls?

IMG_0907 wm

Don’t mind me Hampton. Just stay up on your perch the arm of the couch, looking out the window, while I try to snap pictures around you.

Real life.

IMG_0737 wm

After walking through our living room, you come to our dining room.

IMG_0732 wm IMG_0744 wm IMG_0750 wm IMG_0760 wm

IMG_0913 wm

This china cabinet, y’all. I swear it’s the most awkward thing to photograph with hardly any natural light surrounding it. I’ve been dying to paint it a lighter color but Cory thinks the wood grain is too nice to mess up plus my Nana gave it to me and he thinks I’ll regret it.

I’m still not convinced. Sorry, Nana.

IMG_0896 wm IMG_0905 wm IMG_0929 wm

I collect penguins, by the way, so my penguin dishes stay out year ’round.

IMG_0780 wm

As we are leaving the dining room, our kitchen is on the left.

IMG_0765 wm IMG_0766 wm

I really don’t decorate the actual kitchen because it’s rather small but these cabinets are the ones above the microwave.

IMG_0775 wm IMG_0786 wm IMG_0778 wm

And that completes my 2014 fall home tour. I hope you enjoyed the tour of our little casa as much as I enjoyed decorating it!

You can see my 2013 Fall Home Tour  here.

DIY Chevron Pumpkin

After my fall mantel post last week, I had some requests to share my DIY Chevron Pumpkin tutorial. I actually took these pictures last year when I did the pumpkin but never got around to doing the tutorial. The pictures aren’t the greatest but hopefully they’ll do the job!

DIY Chevron Pumpkin

Supplies you’ll need for your chevron pumpkin:

  • A pumpkin {real or artificial-I used an artificial one}
  • Frog tape {or any type of painter’s tape}
  • Scissors
  • Paint {I used regular craft, acrylic paint}
  • Foam paint brush
  • X-acto knife

Chevron Pumpkin Tutorial

To start, you’ll need to decide how big or small you’d like your chevron pattern and cut your tape accordingly- I cut mine 3 1/2 inches long. Make sure the pieces of tape are the same size so your chevron is the same size.

Chevron Pumpkin Tuturial

To begin your chevron pattern, line up your first two pieces of tape and create a point {overlapping the tape} by making right angles. I’m sure there is a more precise way to do it, but I just eyeballed mine. In hindsight, I would have started in the center of my pumpkin to help make the spacing more even.

DIY Chevron Pumpkin

Repeat until you’ve gone all the way around your pumpkin, smoothing as you go to ensure a tight adhesion. Once you have added your desired rows of tape, it should look like this…

Chevron Pumpkin Tutorial

After your entire pumpkin is taped off, you can start painting it. I painted the entire pumpkin, stem and bottom, and tried to dab the paint on with a foam brush to try and minimize brush strokes. It took two or three coats to get it fully covered. Make sure you allow the pumpkin to dry in between coats.

Chevron Pumpkin

We waited for it to completely dry {like overnight} before we started to peel the tape off.

DIY Chevron Pumpkin Chevron Pumpkin DIY

Once the paint was completely dry, Cory used an x-acto knife to help get up under the tape and pull it away without messing up the paint. He did this part because I tend to cut myself whenever I use an x-acto knife.

DIY Chevron Pumpkin

As you can tell, the paint did bleed a little and spacing of the chevron isn’t perfect but I’m okay with it all because I love the way my Chevron Pumpkin turned out!

Chevron PumpkinChevron Pumpkin DIYPainted pumpkins Chevron PumpkinsChevron Pumpkin tutorialPainted pumpkin tutorial

This post is linked with two of my favorite gal pals Katie and Lisa.


Burlap Fall Mantel

Burlap Fall Mantel

I know I missed the whole first day of Fall craze here in blogland but in all honesty, I’ve had my burlap fall mantel up since the end of August. I was hoping to get this post up before we left for Rwanda but that just didn’t happen {obviously!}. I decided to switch my mantel up from last year partly because it is geared more towards Thanksgiving but mostly because I just wanted something different. I originally planned on changing it out closer to Thanksgiving, since we really don’t decorate for Halloween, but I’m pretty crazy about my burlap fall mantel, so we’ll have to see!

Fall mantel decorBurlap Fall Mantel mantel decorations fall mantel ideas fall mantel banner DIY chevron pumpkin

This chevron pumpkin was actually a scheduled DIY post last fall but I let time slip away from me and moved on to Christmas before I got around to posting it. Maybe I’ll share it this year?  If you’d like to see how I made it, let me know and I throw a post together!

burlap mantle decorations owl mantel decorations fall decorations ideas 2014 fall mantel displays fall mantel decorations burlap mantle decorations mantle decorations mantel decor mantel ideas owl mantel ideas burlap mantel ideas mantel decoration ideasburlap fall mantel banner

Hopefully, I will get around to finishing the rest of my house and will do a complete fall home tour in the next couple of weeks but I hope you enjoyed my burlap fall mantel!