Easter Weekend 2018

We kicked our Spring Break off over Easter weekend and had the best time celebrating our Risen King with Baker Bea! Even though this season is about so much more than egg hunts and Easter baskets, Baker is obviously too young to understand. Last year she was too young to participate in these type activities so we took full advantage of the fun age she is at now. On Saturday morning, we headed to a local Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter Weekend

Happy Monday! Our Easter weekend was full of family {since we are staying at my parents’}, a little bit of relaxation, and some work on our house. We were hoping we’d get moved back into the house today but it looks like it will be Wednesday before we can get back in.


Apparently, staying at MeMe and Boo’s is exhausting. You know, playing outside all day and sleeping on the back of the couch is pretty exhausting.


On Saturday, we headed over to the house to work on our DIY shutters and get the grass cut. We couldn’t go in, though, because they had put the finish on the floors that morning!


Big boy got a much needed haircut. I’m ashamed of how homeless he looked.


After a couple of hours of working at the house, we went back to my parents for pizza and a little fetch with the dogs.


Easter morning at church with my best frann.


After church, we had lunch at my aunt’s house.


When we picked Stein up from the groomer on Saturday, they had a sign on the door that they’d be open on Easter. I thought to myself that it was ridiculous for them to be open. Why would anyone need to go to Petsmart on Easter?

Well, I went to feed the dogs Sunday morning and their food bin was completely empty. I guess Cory forgot to tell me that he used it all when feeding them Saturday night. I guess that’s why they are open on Easter. As much as I hate their employees had to work, my furbabies sure were glad to get Easter dinner.

How was your Easter?

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Easter Weekend {2014}

Thinking back over Easter weekend, I can’t help but smile. It was a slam packed weekend but I got to spend it with so much of my wonderful family! And not to mention, Easter was a gorgeous day. Warning: this post will be picture heavy because it was such a great weekend, I want to document it all! #sorrynotsorry


After work on Thursday my mom, me and Gracie headed down to Conway to see my Grandma and two of my aunts. My grandma just recently moved to Conway to live with my Aunt Kathy, so we were excited to get to see her! It was late when we got down there and we were staying with my Aunt Barbie, so we got up Friday morning and headed over to pick Grandma up.

20140421-211814.jpgThere was a consignment store my aunts wanted to take us to and Gracie found this wig. Doesn’t she look like Joe Dirt??? After that we had lunch at American Heroes which has the biggest subs I’ve ever seen.

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It’s so hard to get everyone {especially this group} to look at the camera and not make a silly face.

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When we got home from lunch on Friday, we made cookies and had a little flour fight. Sisters are never too old for that are they?

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Later that night, Gracie and Tori went back to my Aunt Kathy’s house and Grandma stayed with me and mom at Barbie’s. We ate chips and salsa for supper and watched Frozen {finally} after the girls left!


Jameson was my fill in puppy love for the weekend. He is my cousin Julia’s dog but he stays with her mom, my Aunt Barbie. She couldn’t take him with her when she started the nursing program at FMU. He was such a doll and I sure did enjoy him snuggling up beside Friday night.

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We woke up Saturday morning and again…did a whole lot of nothing! We had a delicious sausage casserole for breakfast and lounged around the house. Julia came over so her and I went to downtown Conway to explore a few of the shops. While we were gone, Gracie got a hold of Moms phone and filmed her very own tutorial. It’s really too cute not to watch!

After we got back to the house, we had lunch and were able to get some pictures of everyone.

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From left to right: My grandma, my Mom, Aunt Kathy and Aunt Barbie.

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From left to right: Aunty Kathy, Grandma, my Mom, Me, Aunt Barbie and Julia. That’s Gracie in front of my mom and Tori (Kathy’s granddaughter) in front of me.

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My grandma, my Mom, me and Gracie

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Me and Jules. I hate we live so far apart because I need more of her in my life!


On the way home, I was thinking about how great of a time I had. I seriously can’t remember a time where we all just got to spend that much time together. We didn’t have to go 90 mph but just sat around the kitchen table and got caught up. I come from a bunch of goofballs and we all laughed a lot! It was so nice though and I was sad to leave Saturday afternoon.


Too much driving for one weekend! Notice Gracie knocked out in the back seat??? Mom and I stopped in Columbia for a quick trip to the mall and it ended up being after 11pm when I got home Saturday night.



Some of my favorite Easter lovelies at church on Sunday. After church, we headed to my Aunt Leisa’s house for lunch. We had a joint celebration for Easter and John and Jordan, my brothers, 18th birthday.



Birthday wishes are hard decisions, apparently.

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After lunch, Gracie and Taylor {my niece} modeled their Easter dresses for us while the boys hid Easter eggs.

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Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday with Mom

My sweet Mama and me in our last minute find Easter dresses! You can’t see it in this picture but my dress had pockets. #winning

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Such good big cousins to hide the eggs!

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Even if there were eggs like this.

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As always, Cory got his nap in.

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Taylor showing off what she found in the prize egg.

Such a busy weekend with a lot of time in the car but it was all worth it to get to see so much of my family! I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing Easter weekend!