Fall Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Hey y’all!

I’m Maggie and I blog over at Polka Dots in the Country. I am so excited to be taking over today for Paige while she’s in Rwanda!

me and corey pink

Before we get started I wanted to take a second to thank Paige for reaching out to me to guest post while she’s away. Paige is one of the first blog friends I’ve made since starting my blog last October. Between our #oilyskinissues, love of crafting and of guys named Corey (mine spells Corey with an “ey” while her Cory is just a “y”) I’ve really gotten to know her over the past months. Not trying to be creepy, but I think we could be friends in real life.

Anywho… here’s the story behind my blog.

Polka Dots in the Country started last October to share the progress Corey and I make on our first home together. Corey bought our house in March of last year and ever since I’ve become even more obsessed with home decor blogs and Pinterest. (Didn’t know that was possible, but it is.) While most of my blog focuses on home decor, you’ll also see some Friday Favorites, random happenings, and pictures of our adorable pit bull Molly and our newest addition, Ms. Kay.

So, in honor of Paige’s love of Clemson I thought I’d share my Fall embroidery hoop wreath with y’all today. Because it’s orange.

Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • embroidery hoop
  • fabric
  • monogram
  • spray paint
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • burlap ribbon
  • twisties
  • floral wire

I used Lowe’s Valspar white satin spray paint to paint the wood embroidery hoop.

Heat up the glue gun so it’ll be ready after you secure the fabric to the hoop.

Once the hoop was dry I loosened the screw up top to remove the inner circle of the hoop.

Place the fabric over the outer hoop with the back of the fabric facing toward you.

Wreath tutorial 1

Then put the smaller hoop inside the out hoop and tighten the screw.

wreath tutorial 2

Flip it over and before tightening completely make sure to pull the fabric taught so there are no wrinkles in your wreath.

Wreath tutorial 4

Cut the excess fabric.

Wreath tutorial 5

I used two pieces of floral wire to make a hoop to hang the wreath.

Wreath tutorial 6

For the bow I used whatever I had on hand, so that included this white wired burlap ribbon and some leftover polka dot burlap.

Hot glue your monogram and bow and you’re done!

Wreath final 4

Wreath final 6

Wreath bow final

Wreath final 5

I hope y’all enjoyed and thanks again to Paige for having me guest post today!


I absolutely adore Maggie and all her awesome DIY projects! She is such an inspiration! Make sure to head on over to Polka Dots in the Country and follow along on social media so you don’t miss any of her projects! By the way, I feel the same way Maggie- we would totally be BFF’s :)

Hey y’all, I Made Pillow Covers!

Pillow Cover Cover

Hey y’all! I made pillow covers and it’s about time.

You see, Christmas before last I got a sewing machine from Cory’s grandmother and I had high hopes of pulling it out of the box and sewing all kinds of things I found on Pinterest. I’ve seen people sew before and it didn’t look like too daunting of a task. Turns out, it was a little more complicated than I originally thought. With the help of my mom, I used it one more time last May and by help I mean she used the sewing machine and I sat there and watched.

After getting volunteered to sew the curtains at church, I was determined to learn how to use my machine. So, I pulled it out of the box, read the directions to learn how to set it up and started practicing sewing a straight line. After feeling somewhat confident in myself, I decided to try out my hand on some pillow covers for the pillows I bought at Ikea a few months ago. And I must say, I’m pretty freakin shocked excited with the results.

By the way, I didn’t make the hey y’all pillow. You didn’t think I was that good, did you??? It came from Hobby Lobby.

DIY Pillow Covers 4

Since I’ve used my sewing machine all of three times now, I won’t pretend to know what I’m doing enough to make this a tutorial but the one I used from A Curiously Chic Life was great and very simple to follow. Seriously, if I can do it, you can too!

DIY Pillow Covers 3

Pillow Covers 3

Pillow Cover

DIY Pillow Covers

DIY Chevron Pillow Cover

DIY Pillow Covers 2

IMG_6068 edited

DIY Pillow Covers 1

IMG_6081 edited

Pillow Cover 1

Pillow Cover Detail

Pillow Covers 1

Pillow Cover Detail 1

Pillow Covers 4

Pillow Covers*please excuse my NEW YEARS printable. I’m only five months behind.

I’ve still got one more pillow to cover and plenty of fabric so I’m thinking I will do another chevron one. Now that I’ve got the envelope case mastered {ahem}, my possibilities are endless and I think both the bedrooms will get new pillows too!

I’m sharing my new DIY pillow covers with Jenni and friends over Tuesday Tea and Mandy @ House of Rose.

Five on Friday & a Nutribullet Giveaway!

How is it already Friday, y’all? This week has flown by but I don’t hate it. Not to wish time away but the next three weeks will be craaazy for me at work because of graduation and I hope they aren’t too rough on me. I’m going to try to get a lot of blogging done this weekend so I don’t fall behind over the next three weeks but we’ll so how that goes. Also, Cory’s granny is having surgery on Monday so if you don’t mind, would you say a little prayer for her? We’d really appreciate it :)

Five on Friday

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Meet At The Barre


When I got home from Conway on Saturday, this was sitting on my table. I’ve had this old window for almost two years and wanted to finish my idea forever. When I ordered my dress for a wedding I’m in this summer, I got a gift card to Shutterfly and knew exactly what I wanted to use it on. I order the print a few weeks ago and Cory surprised me and finished it for me while I was gone. I can’t wait to hang it up!

IMG_5951 edited


Two Snuggles with his Daddy. Melts my heart.



When you live in a small town like I do and you happened to have cheered for a university like Clemson, you get asked to judge cheer tryouts. And you know what? I love it!!! I miss cheering so bad {it was only a huge part of my life for 10 years} and I really enjoy being back around it. I’d really love to coach a middle or high school team but my work schedule just really doesn’t allow it so I’ll take what I can get and judge! And I just realized the typo in my tweet…oops!



You guys, I’ve never won anything. Nothing at all until I entered the giveaway from Jenni @ Frankly My Dear for an iPhone case by Sticky 9. It came in yesterday and I absolutely adore seeing my favorite Instagram photos covering my phone!



Every time I think about last weekend, I just can’t help but smile. You know it’s a good weekend when you are still thinking about it a week later, right? I don’t get much time with some of my family, so every second I get with them is extra special.

IMG_5805 edited




I’m teaming up with Maeg and some awesome ladies to giveaway a Nutribullet and a $30 Target gift card! I’m pretty jealous that I can’t enter myself because this would make my life so much easier when it comes to making my smoothies in the morning. The red one would look perfect in my kitchen {hint, hint for anyone looking for gift ideas}. You can enter below!

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