It’s Christmas Eve, Y’all!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas festivities as much as I am. We’ve had a few get togethers already and I’m soaking up as much Christmas goodness as I can.

I just finished wrapping the last of the presents while watching Elf {it’s my favorite Christmas movie} and I’m fixing to start making a dip and a dessert before Cory and I head to his grandparents for dinner tonight. We stay with my parents on Christmas Eve so after dinner, we’ll head to their house.

Cory and I went to a Christmas Eve service this morning put on by his friend, Nick. For the past five months, Nick has been restoring a church built in the mid-1800’s and he finished just in time for the service this morning. The church looked wonderful and it was a beautiful, quaint service.

Christmas Eve

Because the building is so old, there’s no heat. Good thing it isn’t terribly cold here in SC. There’s something special about singing a few Christmas hymns with no mics or a PA system in a building with no heat that Nick has put so much effort into restoring. It was a much needed reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

It’s so important to remember the meaning of Christmas. While it is a happy time of year, it’s also a very somber day in remembering that God sent his only son, a precious newborn baby, to die for my sins. I don’t have children but can’t even imagine the sacrifice of His only Son. We are all so undeserving. Please remember that this time of the year isn’t all about decorations, presents and holiday cheer–it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!