Once Upon A Time Baby Shower

EEK! This shower, y’all. I’m still on cloud 9 from how sweet and precious my baby shower thrown by my best friend Jessica was.

Maybe you’ve seen the shower that I threw for Jessica exactly four years ago {the same weekend and everything!} to celebrate Miss Kaylen but she really outdid herself with this “Once Upon A Time” storybook-themed baby shower.

invite 2


It was a storybook baby shower but honestly, more like a fairy tale .

Baby shower theme

The welcome table was just adorable. There were two little games and a guest book by none other than Dr. Seuss.

Baby Shower Ideas

Guess How Much I Love You was with a game in which the guests had to guess how many “bookworms” were in the bottle.

Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower38 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower39

The first one said “The Guessing Game. Guess How Many Book Worms”. The second one says “Mommy’s Eyes, Daddy’s Nose, What Will She Look Like? Nobody Knows.” And the last one says “Oh The Places She Will Go! Jot Down a Quick Note Before You Go.”


I’ve never seen the picture idea before but it was fun swapping my eyes and Cory’s nose to guess what Hot Pie will look like!


And this result is just creepy.

Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower37 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower30

The dessert table was probably my favorite part and not just because of all the yummy desserts.

Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower35 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower44

The books included Angelina Ballerina and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower33 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower50 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower52 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower45 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower46 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower29 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower20 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower48 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower21 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower22

How adorable is the fruit caterpillar?!?!

Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower47 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower49 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower31


The perfect centerpieces for my storybook baby shower.


I’ve used this venue multiple times for different events, the last being our gender reveal, and every time, it works out just so perfectly. It’s so bright and open, it’s the perfect spot if any local people are looking for a place to host an event.


And of course, Little Miss got absolutely spoiled with the cutest stuff.


Apparently, I can’t handle all the cuteness!

Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower11 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower14 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower16 Once-Upon-a-Time-Baby-Shower53

Thank you so much to Jessica, Marla, and Chanda for all you did to make my storybook baby shower come to life. It was so wonderful and I’m so thankful to have such sweet ladies in my life!


Our moms and their babies with their babies!


With all these showers and all the great gifts we’ve been blessed with, we’ve almost run out of places to put all of Hot Pie’s things! Whenever {if ever} we get everything put away and organized, this little chick is gonna be set! But for now, you can barely get into her nursery. I promise, the finished nursery photos are coming soon!

A Baby Shower For Our Little Hot Pie

Before I recap our shower a few weeks ago, I need to do a little housekeeping. Apparently, I haven’t been receiving all the comment emails from my posts and didn’t realize how many comments I had missed until yesterday. I try and respond to each comment by email and if you haven’t heard back, it’s probably because I never received an email and I never actually check the comments on my WordPress dashboard. I’m trying to get it sorted out and I do apologize!

Now….on to our very special baby shower for our little Hot Pie!

A Hot Pie Shower 8

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A Baby Sprinkle

Hey y’all! Remember me? Goodness, I was really hoping I would have some time to catch y’all up on our home progress before the craziness of fundraising for Rwanda started but obviously, I haven’t. We are in full fundraising mode with our first big one- a BBQ sale and concert this weekend. We’ve been going 90 mph getting ready for that and our annual huge, indoor yard sale that is a few weeks away.

I guess I didn’t have enough on my calendar because this past weekend, I agreed to help host a baby sprinkle for my best friend, Jessica. Because this is her second babe, we kept things simple. It really was more about sharing with her how excited and loved this baby boy will be!

But, you know me, I can’t do a shower sprinkle and not do at least a few decorations. This is nothing in comparison to the shower I threw her for Kaylen but she needed more stuff then and I had way more free time!

Baby Sprinkle

Chalkboard sign complimentary of Cory. You can see how he does all our chalkboard signs here.

baby shower idea

He also free handed the canvas umbrella guestbook. I completely forgot to get a picture with all the “raindrop” thumbprints!

baby boy shower

My co-host, Amanda, booked the room for us so I had no idea going in to it exactly what I would need as far as decorations. You can never go wrong with fabric garland and paper straws, amirite?

baby boy sprinkle fabric garland baby shower punch

The blue punch was the easiest drink recipe I’ve ever made. It was just a 2L bottle of Sprite and Blue Hawaiian Punch with a little bit of ice thrown in there to chill it.

Hey, I told you we kept it simple!

And Cory {who only drinks water} told me he felt bad because he wanted to drink the whole container because it was the best thing he ever drank. A bit of a stretch? Maybe. But it was pretty good.

sprinkle showersprinkle baby shower

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the clouds. And then proceeded to knock it off the couch. Whoops! Mama needs a new desk.

baby boy punch raindrop baby showerraindrop sprinkle baby shower food

It felt like 105 degrees on Saturday and our ice cream sundae bar hit the spot!

baby shower cupcakesbaby shower foodbaby shower decorations diy

The clouds and raindrops didn’t turn out exactly like I had envisioned but that’s a risk you take when you’ve never seen the location before. I do think they were still adorable, though!

baby shower decoration ideas raindrop garland

Jessica's-Sprinkle final-1 (1) Jessica's-Sprinkle final-1 (17) baby shower favorsJessica's Sprinkle-31 Jessica's Sprinkle-32

The only picture I got of Miss K’s outfit. She’s so ready for her brother to be here!

Jessica's Sprinkle-34 Jessica's Sprinkle-35 Jessica's Sprinkle-36

Mama and Kaylen with the hostesses. And Kaylen bringin the ‘tude.

And with her baby sprinkle, I do believe everything is just about ready for little man to enter this world! In a short 6 weeks, he’ll be here for us all to love on and spoil!

Vintage Baby Girl Shower

Y’all may remember like two months ago I mentioned helping throw a shower for Daniel and Tiffany. {yes, the ones that just had Miss Selah. oops!} Well, with the craziness of the holidays, I never got around to sharing the shower.

So today rather than do my normal weekend recap {because we really didn’t do anything that exciting}, I’m sharing the sweet little details from their Vintage Baby Girl Shower that Bentley and I hosted.

Vintage Baby girl Shower

Many of the items were re-purposed from Nick and Bentley’s vintage themed wedding back in May {coolest wedding I’ve ever attended}. Re-purposed items are my favorite to use!

baby girl shower baby girl shower themes girl baby shower baby girl shower ideas vintage baby shower vintage baby girl shower decorations baby shower girl

Since this was one of their last showers, the parents-to-be requested gift cards in lieu of gifts. Bentley came up with this cute idea to hang the cards on the little Christmas tree.

girl baby shower themesbaby shower decorationsbaby shower themesVintage baby shower ideasvintage baby girl showerVintage baby showergirl baby shower

The day of the shower was a cold and rainy one so we couldn’t have picked a better meal than chili beans and cornbread.

baby shower ideasgirl baby shower 13girl baby shower 19girl baby shower 20girl baby shower 21girl baby shower 25 girl baby shower 28 girl baby shower 30

A Christmas ornament for Miss Selah :) Now that Christmas is over and all.

girl baby shower 31

The mama-to-be with the hostesses.

girl baby shower 32

Daniel’s family.

girl baby shower 34

Cory and I are so blessed to get to do life with these people.

My favorite part about this shower was I didn’t have to do it alone. Honestly, Bentley handled the hardest parts like invites and the menu. After being in Austin the weekend before, it was so nice to not have any stress and still throw a very sweet Vintage Baby Girl Shower for Daniel and Tiffany.