Sweet Beginnings Baby Shower

Summer before last I planned my very first “real” shower. I had co-hosted a few bridal showers in the past but was still in college and didn’t have a lot of time or money to invest into it. After my best friend Jessica told me she was expecting a baby girl, I knew I wanted to throw her the girliest, prettiest shower I could come up with.

I know, I know. This is a baby shower for Kaylen and I posted about her 1st birthday here. I’m totally posting in the wrong order but I didn’t have my blog then so I get to share it now!

So my love for party planning was born with the Sweet Beginnings Baby Shower.

Jessica is a very special friend sister and it was really important to me that I got everything just right. I wanted her to know how happy and excited I was for her and to feel extra special celebrating the arrival of her baby girl.

In order to get everything perfect, I spent so much time on Pinterest. It got a little scary.

Fun little fact…planning this shower helped me discover blogging and led me to some of my favorite blogs.

Sweet Beginnings Baby Shower Dessert TableBaby Girl Shower Dessert TableBaby Shower Dessert Table Cake PopsBaby Girl Shower Cake

Can we be adults a little immature for just a second about this cake? I had touches of paisley throughout my decorations (the invitations, the wreath) and asked the bakery if they could do a paisley design. The baker assured me he could and this is what I got. Maybe it’s just me but I think it looks more like certain male body part rather than paisley.

Sweet beginning baby shower sweets tableBaby Girl Shower Dessert TableSweet beginnings baby shower cupcake toppersBaby Shower Dessert Table CandyBaby Shower Dessert TableBaby Shower Oreo ShotsSweet beginnings baby shower favorsSweet beginnings baby shower sweets table

A sweet beginnings baby shower is not complete without a sweets table.

 Baby Shower Dress CenterpieceBaby Shower CenterpieceBaby Girl Shower Table CenterpieceBaby Shower Dress CenterpieceSweet beginnings Baby Shower CenterpieceBaby Girl Shower Dress Centerpiece

I absolutely loved the way the centerpiece’s turned out. Plus, all the dresses were Jessica’s to keep.

UPDATE: To see my DIY Baby Dress Centerpiece tutorial, click here.

Sweet beginnings Baby Shower DecorationsSweet beginnings Baby Shower DecorationsSweet beginnings Baby Shower Baby shower wishing treeBaby Shower Wishing TreeBaby Shower Name SuggestionsBaby Shower Wishing TreeBaby Shower Onesie ClotheslineBaby Shower Food TableBaby Shower Gift TableBaby Shower TablesBaby Girl Cloth Rag WreathSweet Beginnings Baby Shower

Me and the mama-to-be!

Baby Shower Loot

138 thoughts on “Sweet Beginnings Baby Shower

      1. Love these centerpieces iF you don’t mind would you e-mail me a picture of the stand?i realy appreciate iT

        . Thank you in advance!!!

      2. Hello! Could you please send me the directions to make these cenerpieces! I did them one Time awhile ago and lost your directios the were such a hit. Thanks wendy

    1. Can you please enail me a picture and instructions for the wire stand? My daughter’s shower Is next month and i would love yo incorporate your idea. Adorable!,

      Thank you!

  1. Could you please send me the directions for the stand you used for the dresses? They Look so cute done that way. Thank you.

  2. I love your centerpieces & I am doing this on Sunday. I would love to see your wire stand to see if its easier than mine. Thanks!!!

  3. Love this idea! Could please send me a picture of the hanger stand or instructions . Would love to use this for my daughters upcoming shower. Great job!

      1. Paige, everything is beautiful! Can you email me a picture of the dress stand? I have an upcoming shower and want to use this idea. Thank you!

          1. wondering how you held up the dresses on hangers . what you used for the base . a cone made be ? and what drink did you make strawberry or watermelon. I’m having a shower for my Daughter and your Ideals are just what I was looking for thank you so much.

  4. i love your centerpieces. could you please send me an email with the picture of how you held the dresses up, please?

  5. Could you please send me a picture and instructions for the dress stand. They are fabulous! Such a clever idea!

  6. Hi PaigE! I’m having a babyshower for my neice in a few weeks. Could you email me a pic of the wire hanger sTand. Love your blog!

    Thanks, dawn

  7. This is absolutely precious! You can tell how much the small details meant to you, and I think you did a fabulous job! I especially love the little outfits displayed everywhere, that is something I hadn’t seen before. did you make those large pompoms? Ps. I see what you mean about the pasiley, but everything is gorgeous!

  8. we are doing the same centerpieces for my shower May 17th. would you mind emailing me a picture of the hanger stand your hubby made? i’ll ask mine to do the same! :)


    thanks so much :) ADORABLE!!!

  9. great post – i did clothing centerpieces for a boy baby shower and we hot glued the hangers to a wine bottle (cheap wine of course). They are very sturdy that way….but now im doing one for a girl and dont want to ruin the hangars with the hot glue, so I will be emailing you to request a picture too. Thanks!

  10. Can you please enail me a picture and instructions for the wire stand? My daughter’s shower Is next month and i would love yo incorporate your idea. Adorable!,

    Thank you!

    1. I actually just picked the branches up out of my yard! We’ve got a couple big trees around our house and always have sticks scattered throughout the yard. It’s an easy way to save a few bucks!

    1. Thanks, Liz! I made the banner with my printer, Silhouette machine and just a regular paper cuter. My Silhouette has a function to design, send to a printer and then cut it out with the Silhouette so I printed the circles around the lettering and then cut them out with my Silhouette. Then I just pasted them onto different squares of paper from Hobby Lobby. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Hi paige,

    If you would Please send A picTure and instructionsFor the clothes hanger. Very sweet, simply stated! Love it!


  12. Paige, Please send me a picture and instructions for the dress stand please. I would like to make these as centerpieces for a baby shower coming soon. Also would be a cute way to display heirloom baby clothes!

    Thank you,

  13. Where did you get the tags for the wishing tree? Thanks! I am going to use your theme for my Daughter-in-law’s shower. Such a wonderful idea! Love it! Thanks again for posting!

  14. Hello paige!

    Beauitful shower… Love your creativity with the table centerpieces. Can you please send a pic of The stand?

    Thank you!

    1. I have a baby shower This coming weekend for my daughter and i would like the picture of the stand for the centerpieces please. i will really appreciate it.

  15. hello ladies can you send me a picture of the dress stand i love it read all comments if you are selling them i would love to buy them please email me thank you sooo much. pam tracey

  16. Love the gift card tree on the gift table…exactly what I keep telling people to do. I added it to my roundup of the best gift card wreaths and gift card trees on the Internet. It’s just too cute not to include. Thanks for sharing. (You can find it on giftcardsDOTcom BLOG if interested.)

  17. I just saw your dress centerpiece idea…LOve it! I am giving a shower for my daughter tomorrow who is a having a little girl. I would like to display the dress that my daughter wore home from the hospital to the décor. could you please forward to me the information on how to make the stand? Thank you!

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