St. Lucia Honeymoon Finale


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First off, I want to say a huge thank you to those who have followed along with our love story. When I first started recapping our story three months ago, I had no idea I had so much to write about but I really do appreciate y’all following along and putting up with {and being so sweet about} our crazy long story! I’m so excited to have all these memories written down blogged so I will never forget where our journey as man and wife started.


Our last full day on our St. Lucia honeymoon was by far the prettiest day we had. We took it easy and spent the majority of the day on the beach.
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One thing I’ve always wanted to do was to go parasailing. I’ve been on many Florida beaches and seen parasailers go by and it always looked so relaxing and fun. However, Cory is not a fan of heights but to appease my desire to go, he obliged.

SAM_0758 SAM_0765

He had a smile on his face but deep down was terrified.


On the boat getting ready to go up!

SAM_0769 SAM_0779

Pretty sure Cory was crying at this point.


So it turns out that parasailing isn’t as smooth of a ride as it looks, at least not in the Caribbean. Maybe it’s the wind but it was a constant “free falling” feeling and then the wind would catch the sail again and jerk us back up. Before going up, the guide told us if we wanted to come down to pat our heads and not long after going up Cory went into complete freak out mode. He kept saying “Oh, God. Oooooh, God.” over and over again and was so afraid, he wouldn’t even let go of the strap to tap his head.

Needless to say, I tapped my head so we could come down. I wasn’t terrified but it wasn’t the most pleasant thing in the world.


Trying to soak up as much St. Lucia sun as possible.

SAM_0788 SAM_0789 Our last dinner was at a new Japanese restaurant at the resort but they didn’t have the hibachi grill like we thought. I said in my first post that we didn’t have any bad food but I lied. This meal was bad and I was still hungry when we left.


So we headed to Barefoot by the Sea {my favorite} and ordered a steak and shrimp to go, took it back to the room and chowed down. A perk to all inclusive!


On our final day in St. Lucia, we took full advantage of our last few hours and hit the beach before breakfast.


It was so hard to walk away from these views.


So sad to be leaving :(


One last yummy breakfast before heading to the airport.

SAM_0821 SAM_0822 SAM_0826

Tanned, rested, 10lbs heavier and not ready to leave!

SAM_0828 SAM_0852 SAM_0857 SAM_0860

By the time we made it back to Charlotte, it was late {I don’t even remember what time it was} and if we couldn’t be in St. Lucia, we were ready to be home.


Waiting on the shuttle to take us back to our hotel, where we left our car 7 days earlier. Notice the heavy tag…oops! Thank goodness, the St. Lucian airport didn’t care one bit other than slapping that tag on there.


A few weeks after we got back from our St. Lucia honeymoon, Cory put this video together of our trip. Even after four years, it brings a smile to my face and reminds me of the awesome time we had while in St. Lucia.

Thank you again for joining me as I recapped mine and Cory’s love story over the past 8 years. As new things happen in our love story, I will make sure to update it here.

15 thoughts on “St. Lucia Honeymoon Finale

  1. Love that first pic, so beautiful and you guys look so happy! We went parasailing on our honeymoon too. The strap that goes under your butt ended up slipping under my knees, it wasn’t the most pleasant for me either haha, I was kind of just hanging on for dear life! His face in that pic cracked me up.

  2. Last day of the honeymoon is always the worst because you have to go home lol!! But all INCLUSIVE are really the way to go!! A video to remember the honeymoon is so special!!

    1. Yes!!! We were bummed to leave our little slice of paradise. I loved that he surprised me with the video because it brings back such good memories when I watch it now.

  3. Such a beautiful place! Are those little minnows by your feet in the water?! I definitely don’t think I could do parasailing! Looks so scary! Especially being above the water!

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