Snow Day with Baker Bea

snow day

A few weeks ago, we had an unusual December snow day in upstate South Carolina. Around here it’s normally January or February before we see any pretty snow fall, so when the weather forecasters started calling for it before Christmas, most people thought it wouldn’t happen.

snow day

Once it started snowing in Atlanta, I knew we would see some accumulation because we always get snow if they do. Around 11:00 am, the school started discussions of dismissal and by the time we got out around 1:00pm, it was snowing big snowflakes and sticking by the time I got home.

SC Snow day

Luckily, it was a Friday so Cory and Baker were already at home and I joined them just in time for an afternoon nap!

After Baker woke up from her nap, we bundled her up to head out in the snow. You can see how unprepared we are for snow by her gloveless hands, jeans, and tennis shoes- pretty much all clothing that just sucks up and holds water.

No worries though, we were only out for about 10 minutes before we called it a day because it was still a rain/slush mix.

Baker was pretty amused by the snow. Her little hand had to be freezing but she carried that chunk of ice around the whole time we were out there.

We pulled our sled out that we bought last year and let her do a little sledding in the snow! Thanks to her awesome daddy, we got some footage of her playing in the snow!

Even though this wasn’t her first snow, it was her first that she could actually explore and experience the snow. It was so sweet seeing that excitement in her little face at the wonder that is snow!

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