Sloan Kitchen Challenge + A Giveaway!

I’m sure it’s no surprise what the Sloans did this weekend. In case you missed it on Insta, we started our kitchen renovation on Friday and spent the entire weekend tearing down walls, pulling up flooring, and patching and painting the ceiling.

We’ve still got a long way to go but we are kinda shocked at how much we’ve gotten done already. We expected to still be in the late stages of demoing or just getting around to cleaning up so we are stoked that we got the first coat of paint on the ceiling before having to be back at work today.

I plan on doing full posts on the kitchen progress as we go but this is what our weekend looked like from the view of my iPhone because I was not about to get my nice camera around all that dust. So. much. dust.


We finished packing up the house Friday morning and got a few last pictures of our awkward kitchen before ripping out the cabinets.


There were multiple occasions where we felt like the Hulk while sledgehammering {not even sure if that’s a word} cabinets out and busting walls down.


Y’all would not believe the layers this kitchen had.


By Friday night we had the first wall down and called it a day. Do as I say and not as I do and don’t wear flip flops while tearing out your kitchen.


Saturday morning started with a trip to the dump {the first of four this weekend!} and then the second wall came down just like the first. The final wall {the load bearing wall} made us stop and think as to how to get it out since we couldn’t just kick it over like the rest.


Finally, after 12 hours, only the floor remained of our awkward little kitchen.


After church on Sunday, we got the three layers {yes, three!} of linoleum up. Technically, we were ready for the floor guys who are scheduled to come on Monday but we really wanted to get the ceiling and beams painted before we have our floors refinished.


So off to Home Depot we went to pick up the paint and supplies to fix the section of the ceiling where the old wall was. Our excitement was gradually wearing down after a couple long days already.


Who would have ever guessed that painting the ceiling would be the worst part of our kitchen renovation so far? We’ve been mudding, sanding, caulking, priming and painting for a day and half and the beams are the only thing with paint on them. They are the most tedious part and still need a second coat and the actual ceiling still needs to be painted.


And just when I thought we had made it an entire weekend with no major mishaps, I discovered this and it wasn’t even in the danger zone! And could it be a worse shape??? I mean, c’mon!

We should be in pretty good shape to finish the ceiling this week though since we will be out of town this weekend but boy, are we exhausted! Exhausted and sore! Say a little prayer this week isn’t too bad on us!

but we haven’t been too busy to put together the March group giveaway…and it’s a hefty one!

hefty to the tune of $170 in PayPal cash. that sure would go a long way towards our kitchen :)

oh! and i bet you couldn’t help but notice all the snazzy ladies who brought you the giveaway.

do your thing. check the gal-faces out. find a new blog or seven. get entered. good luck!

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9 thoughts on “Sloan Kitchen Challenge + A Giveaway!

  1. Be proud of how far you’ve already come; wow! So much hard work! We’re in the midst of a lot of little (smaller) house projects right now so i can’t wait to see your finished product!

  2. aw, your computer. it looks like a sting ray, lol.
    seriously you guys are so awesome doing this, can’t wait to see the finished product. i’ve seen lots of issues and stuff on hgtv with taking down load bearing walls, how’d you all do that?! and yes painting the ceiling is the worst!!!

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