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Happy Monday Tuesday Wednesday, y’all! I know I’ve sucked at blogging but it’s because I don’t have much to share. Turns out, when you’re renovating your kitchen, that’s pretty much all you have the time {or energy} for. I know it would get old after multiple weekending post of the same ‘ole stuff. Pulling wire and hanging drywall is not that interesting!  We are so ready for our house to be back to normal that we spend every waking second trying to get the kitchen finished.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave much time for anything, let alone blogging. I’ve got an inbox full of comments to respond to and a Bloglovin’ feed full of my favorite bloggers that I’ve got to catch up. I promise, when things get back to normal, I will eventually catch up!

Until then, I’ll just keep sharing what’s taking up all our time…more kitchen updates!



After what felt like an eternity {seriously, like two weeks}, we finally finished all the electrical work. Cory’s dad has done electrical in the past and helped us out a ton but if it could have been wired in the most sporadic, backwards way, it was a wire we needed to access. I’m talking about wires running through the walls, random outlets feeding off each other {sometimes not even in the same room} and a beam in the way almost every single time. Really made us wonder what the electrician was smoking when he wired our house.



After tearing out full panels of drywall and cutting a ridiculous amount of holes in the ceiling, it’s done!



By Saturday evening we were ready to start drywall. Drywall is heavy, y’all! I had no idea but we were so fortunate we had some help this weekend because it would have taken us forever to get it all done. Jordan and Daniel, y’all rock! Seriously, at midnight Saturday night, my brother was still here measuring and hanging away! And Daniel gave up his entire Sunday with Tiffany and Miss Selah to help us out.

We are blessed.



The drywall is almost all hung, we’re just lacking half the closet and we’ll start finishing this week, which is probably definitely gonna be the worst part. We’ve got a lot of holes to patch from pulling the new wire and it’s really hard to get a straight frame in an old house. Say a prayer that one of us is magically really, really good at finishing drywall, if you don’t mind!

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