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show and tell

It’s show and tell Tuesday and today I am linking up with Andrea and┬átalking about mission trips. I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’m jumping in on this one since I just returned from my second international mission trip.

Y’all know I just love talking about Rwanda!


Since I’ve been recapping our trip, I won’t rewrite all the details (there’s a lot) but you can catch up below. I will say that we are so, so blessed to be able to serve the people of Rwanda. Every year, I leave a piece of my heart there!


And who knows? Maybe one day Rwanda will be our home :).

Getting There, Days 1 & 2
Days 3 & 4
Days 5 & 6
Days 7 & 8
A Glimpse Into Our Trip

5 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday | Mission Trips

  1. I have always wanted to do a mission trip so bad!! I think it would be such an amazing and humbling experience, plus it’s such great service! That is so great you got to go to Rwanda :) You are amazing!! I’m sure they will never forget you!!

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