Prom at 26?

It’s Monday y’all and I’m at work. I’m trying to have a positive attitude about working today but I really could’ve used another day off. My hopes of having the weekend to stay home and blog got shot all to pieces but we did have a wonderful weekend…so much so that I barely took any pictures! On top of having a busy weekend, Cory’s granny is having surgery today and I really wish I could be at the hospital with her.

Saturday morning, we were getting ready to head to the church to set the band up when I looked on the fridge at an invitation for a wedding shower and realized it was later that day. Somehow Cory and I both missed putting it in our planners or our phones. I’m so glad I just so happened to see it because I would’ve been upset if we had missed it. After we got done at the church, we went and got a gift for Nick and Bentley. I love doing practical gifts and one of my favorites is a basket full of cleaning supplies, especially if the couple will be moving into a new place. We received a similar basket at one of our showers and it was so useful. Since I didn’t take many pictures this weekend, I found this one below that had many of the same items.

Basket of cleaning suppliesvia

While at the shower, my mom texted me to tell me that my brothers had decided to go to prom last minute and John needed to borrow a pair of Cory’s black shoes and she wanted to know if I would get some pictures of them.

Side note, my brothers wrecked their car last week {they’re okay} so my Mom was going to take them. Since it was a last minute decision to go, my parents had already made dinner plans with friends so my mom was going to drop them off early. Now, it’s been awhile since I was in high school but no one shows up early {especially an hour} to prom. To save them the embarrassment of being ridiculously early, Cory and I offered to take them to dinner and drop them off. I’m sure they felt lame eating dinner with us but they were just meeting friends there so didn’t plan to go out to eat.  Lame or not, at least they got a free meal.

Jordan John 1 John and Jordan Prom IMG_5998 edited

IMG_5973 edited
After dropping them off, I wanted to hang out in the parking lot to people watch and see all the pretty dresses but Cory said we’d look like creeps. It’s not like I was trying to go in but he said it was the fastest way to get arrested.

Sunday was a another full day with Cory giving his first presentation as the new director of Barnabas X. We originally thought it was for Sunday night but found out Saturday that it was Sunday morning. We realized we were double booked because Cory needed to be at our church to at least play with the band at 10:00 and at the other church to speak at 11:00. Somehow, we made it to both commitments. They even fed us lunch! We are so grateful for their hospitality. We made home just in time to clean up the house for community group at 5:30.

Whew! I’m tired from just thinking about our weekend! Say a little prayer that this week won’t be too rough on me. I’m used to resting on Mondays, not working!

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20 thoughts on “Prom at 26?

    1. Really?!?! We were talking about it in our small group yesterday and I went to four while on high school. My poor parents! She will love it because that stuff is expensive especially when added on top of other moving expenses.

  1. I love giving practical gifts, too! And I can tell it’s definitely prom season now! I got to do my little cousin’s and her friends hair for prom on Saturday, that was fun!

    1. Thank you! They clean up very nicely! The one we got was so handy when we moved into our house! You don’t realize how much of that kind of stuff you need and how much it cost!


  3. that’s too funny that you wanted to sit in the car and watch all the pretty dresses! I would have probably done the same :) I love your gift idea for the bridal shower. Very thoughtful and useful!

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