PinkBlush Maternity + A Giveaway

*This is a sponsored post. I received this dress for free from PinkBlush Maternity in exchange for my honest opinion. 

One of my biggest struggles since getting pregnant was finding cute maternity clothes at a decent price. As if growing a big belly isn’t enough, who wants to spend a small fortune on maternity clothes that they’ll only wear for a few months? Not me!

PinkBlush Maternity ,1

But I also struggled with wanting to look nice and feel good about myself and maternity clothes are not always the most flattering. A few of my mama friends had recommended PinkBlush Maternity before and as soon as I looked them up, I found about 73 things of theirs I loved (no joke); so I’m sure you can probably imagine my excitement to collaborate with PinkBlush maternity.

PinkBlush Maternity 2.1

PinkBlush Maternity 5

I chose this mint, floral maternity dress because I’ve had my eye on it for a while and it’s just perfect for my upcoming showers. I mean, you can’t go wrong with that color or print, right?

PinkBlush Maternity 9.1

PinkBlush Maternity 3.1

I was a little unsure about sizing but to be on the safe side, I sized up because I assume my belly is only going to get bigger. That’s a pretty safe assumption, y’all. I’m wearing a size large and there is room to grow.

PinkBlush Maternity 4.1PinkBlush Maternity 7

Another great thing about this dress? It can be worn after our sweet girl makes her entrance into this world- it’s not so “maternity” that it can’t be worn after the pregnancy is over!

PinkBlush Maternity 6PinkBlush Maternity 10

I can’t recommend PinkBlush Maternity enough, you guys. Stylish, affordable clothing for us mamas-to-be is where it’s at! Plus, they have a ton of options like plus-size maternity and non-maternity clothing as well. I know I’ve got my eye on a couple of maternity maxi dresses like this one, this one and this one to get me through the hot summer!

But the best part??? PinkBlush is offering my readers a chance to win a $75 giftcard! So enter to win below and then shop your hearts out, y’all!

Pinkblush $75 Giftcard giveaway

4 thoughts on “PinkBlush Maternity + A Giveaway

  1. Gorgeous dress and gorgeous mama model! ;) Pink Blush is seriously my favorite maternity shop! I kept eye balling this dress and it was out of stock for so long and when it came back in stock I wasn’t pregnant any more but I ordered it anyways! haha! Now I can utilize it this pregnancy! Glad you found a maternity clothing option that you love! Thanks for sharing the giveaway!

  2. You look beautiful! I LOVE this dress.
    Maternity clothes were one of the things that I most look forward to about being pregnant, but then it ended up being the hardest thing to find. They are so overpriced and I couldn’t find the cute clothes I imagined wearing. I was about 7 months in before I found anything like what I wanted. I actually ordered these two knit dresses from Old Navy. They were ankle length- which I didn’t realize). I wore one once like that and then gave up. It looked like a tent- literally. I kept waiting for all the little children to run out from under my skirt like in The Nutcracker ballet lol. I went home and cut off several inches and put in a new hem on both of them. I wore them almost every day after that (usually with leggings). I wore one to the hospital and one on the way home. I LOVED them. That said, they were no where near as cute as this one you have one. I am loving those colors and that floral. It is so pretty and feminine.

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