Patio Furniture Revamp

Ever since Cory and I moved into our house three years ago, I’ve wanted patio furniture. Our patio needs to be redone but even so when we have company, it’s where everyone gathers. It never fails. We had a few cheap chairs out there but never enough seating. Every time I would mention getting a set, Cory would say we should wait until we redo our patio before investing in furniture {I have no idea why}.

When my good friend, Tammie, told me I could have her set for $50 with practically brand new cushions, I didn’t even bother mentioning it to Cory and jumped all over it. My Mom just repainted her set this past summer, so I knew with a little bit of spray paint, I could revamp the patio set.

Patio Furniture RevampThe set really wasn’t in that bad of shape. It had a few rust spots but really cleaned up nice with some Greased Lightening.
Patio Furniture BeforePatio Chair Before
The supplies I needed for this project were:

  • Rust-Oleum Hammered Brown Spray Paint (I ended up using 11 cans but I spray heavy)
  • Scotch-brite pads
  • Grease Lightening
  • Spray can grip (Optional)

I began by scuffing up the furniture with a Scotch-brite pad and then cleaning them with Greased Lightening and some paper towels. I set up my little workstation and began spraying!

Patio Chair Before

The first day I painted, Cory was at work and I only got two chairs done. The can was leaking really bad and the chair was really splotchy. Not to mention, the heck of a cramp I had in my hand and spray paint all over me.

When Cory got home that evening, he said “Oh, I have a spray paint gripper in the shop. It makes it way easier”.

Thanks for telling me now!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here and order you one for your next spray paint project. They are only a couple of dollars and you won’t regret it, trust me.

Patio Chair Spray PaintThe next day, with the help of my gripper, I finished spraying the furniture and let it dry for a few days. I’ve had to touch it up a few different times, and I’m still finding spot because it’s hard to see the spots until the paint is completely dry.Let me just say, it was two hot days of painting but I love the results. It amazes me what a little spray paint can do. Maybe I’m biased, but I think it looks like a brand new set.

And I just know how much use we are gonna get out of it. We’ve already had people stop by and where do we end up?

Sitting out on the patio in our pretty new chairs.

Cory should listen to me more often.

Ahem…I’m just saying.

Patio Furniture RevampPatio Chair AfterPatio Furniture After

Ignore my ugly, dead fern in the background. I’m good at keeping plants alive until they need watering everyday.

Patio Chair After

Patio Furniture Revamp

Patio Furniture Revamp

Cory and I were shocked at how much nicer the furniture made our patio look. We wouldn’t mind our patio if the whole thing was 1) level or 2) had moss growing in between all the stones but of course, I only photographed the good decent side. The other side is cracking and very uneven. Clumsy me has about killed myself multiple times tripping over stones coming up.

Can I leave you with a word of advice?

Don’t spray paint in flip flops especially right after you have a pedicure. It took me days to get all the paint off my feet and I ruined my fresh pedicure.

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