The Cheapest Toy I Ever Bought.

I’d like you to meet ‘Blue Man’ as we’ve dubbed him in the Sloan house. This is Einsteins best friend {besides me} and most favorite toy. Ever. It just so happens that it was the cheapest dog toy that I have ever bought. 
cheap dog toy

Now, I’ve paid good money for dog toys but for the past 3 years, Einstein has insisted on playing with this one. The one that I got at the Dollar Tree for $1. 

But that isn’t the point of this post. 

Einstein is a very unique dog because he gets so attached to one toy and does not forget about it. So when we he lost Blue Man about six months ago, he went into total freak out mode for at least a week. It was actually kind of sad because he spent days wandering around the house looking for it. 

When I got up this morning, I noticed that Einstein was standing near our foot board and would not move. I had to go pick him and carry him to the hall so he would go outside. 

My weird dog {who I caught pulling the covers off the bed and licking the pillows last night} has been getting under the bed at night. I’m not sure why but he’s just started doing it. They have their kennel and beds in our room at night but nope, he’d rather sleep under our bed. 

Go figure.

weird dog behaviors

His face just says “busted”, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I guess Einstein decided that he was going to join Hampton’s party last night and must have smelled Blue Man. 

When I got out of the shower and went into our bedroom, Einstein was standing at the foot of our bed again so I walked up to him and asked him what he wanted. He took off around the side of the bed and disappeared underneath it. I know when he has spotted something and can’t get to it {he does it under our couch on a daily basis} so I crawled half way underneath the bed to see what it was. We have two drawers in our foot board and he was trying to get his head underneath one of them. I pushed the drawer out for him and voila!  Blue Man.

Oh, happy day! 

happy dog
I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him this excited. He won’t let it leave his side now. For his sake, I sure am glad we he found it!

ps- I know Blue Man looks disgusting {it is} but I’m afraid if I wash it, it will disintegrate. I can’t break his heart like that again.  

A day with the Bestie

My typical work week is Tuesday-Friday and most Mondays I get to spend the day with my best friend, Jessica! Yesterday was no different. 

Day with best friend carve on


I mentioned Jessica’s daughter Kaylen in my post here but I’ve yet to introduce her Mama and my best friend. When I say that Jessica and I have been life long friends, I’m not exaggerating. She has been my best friend for as long as I can remember {over 22 years}. We’ve been through it all and we’ve always stuck together. She always has and always will be a blessing in my life. My hope is that every person gets to experience a friendship like we have. 

Okay, enough of the sappy stuff and back to my day off. I started the day off at the doctors office for a checkup. They were really slow and I had to wait an hour before I saw my doctor but he is my favorite, so I guess it’s worth it. After my check up, I headed to Jessica’s house. Jessica is a nanny so when the kids are in school, she has mornings off. We will typically go to lunch and do a little shopping or go for a walk. We loaded up the car and decided to get a cheeseburger.

This little ham has discovered the holes in her nose. She’s a mess but I just love this little face. 

After finishing off our cheeseburgers we decided to go to Bath and Body Works because I  heard they were having a sale on their soaps. They were running their 4/$15 or 6/$20 deal so I stocked up on some fall goodness including this cute ‘Carve On’ one- I couldn’t resist. I’m sure four bottles of soap will last us two or three fall seasons but at least they were on sale! 

We left Bath and Body Works and stopped a few more places before it was time to take me back to my car so she could pick up the kids from school. I would have ridden with her but I had some stuff at home that I had to get done. Remember when I said that I still hadn’t finished one of the wreaths I was working on? Well, it was still sitting on my dining room table. I finished glittering {is that a word?} the monogram letter last night and it should be dry this evening so I can add it to the wreath and be done with it. I spent the rest of the evening editing some pictures and doing a little research on blogging which proved to be way too overwhelming. There is so much stuff out there. My brain hurt so I gave up on that and watched “Dancing with the Stars” and worked on an invitation for a baby shower.
My day off was busy but productive and the best part was getting to spend time with my bestie!

Anniversary Tattoos

“If you were a bird, then I’d be a tree; and you would come home, my darling, to me.” JJ Heller

couples tattoo owl tree

For the past couple months, I’ve wanted Cory and I to get a couples tattoo but could never decide on something that I wanted permanently on my body. Cory already had two and is constantly looking for new designs. A few weeks, he came across this on Pinterest. {Yes, my husband has a Pinterest and loves it.} Once he showed me the owl and the tree and the saying to go with it, I was sold. That was the tattoo I wanted but on my wrist instead of my finger. Now all I had to do was convince Cory to get the tree.

Our conversation went something like this:
Me: “I really like that owl and tree tattoo but would want it on my wrist. Would you want to get a tree on your wrist to “match” mine?”
Cory: “Sure”

See how hard I had to work?


With our 3rd anniversary {seriously?} approaching this week, I came up with the idea to get the “matching” tattoos as our anniversary gift to each other. I thought it was something different but exciting that we could do together to commemorate our anniversary. So after I posted yesterday about staying at home and watching football, Cory and I realized we wouldn’t have time next weekend and decided to head to the tattoo shop and see if they could get us in.

Boy, did we get lucky because the artist that was recommended to us was booked until March and just so happened to finish his appointment early yesterday afternoon and was able to fit us in. I’m very happy with the way it worked out because he did not disappoint!

couples tattoo owl tree

I really didn’t get nervous, which is very unusual for me. I normally worry and stress over anything involving pain but I felt really calm while we waited.

couples tattoo owl tree

I told Cory that I wanted to go first because if I watched him get his, I might chicken out. Once I got in the chair, I got that pit in my stomach and felt a tad bit nervous. Thank goodness I didn’t have to wait long in the chair before he started because the longer I sat there, the more nervous I would have gotten. 

couples tattoo owl tree

couples tattoo owl tree

No turning back now!

couples tattoo owl tree

Todd, the artist, did such a great job. He was very personable and his machine was almost silent. Cory said that he liked the noise of the machine but the quiet machine was less intimidating to me. 

couples tattoo owl tree
couples tattoo owl tree
owl tattoo

I went in with just an outline of the owl but Todd recommended the shading to make it more dimensional. Thank goodness he did because I think it turned out amazing. I don’t know much about tattoos but Cory said Todd did the straightest lines he’s ever seen. 

owl tattoo

Not to brag but I’m shocked at how well I did. Remember I said I don’t do well with pain, so I fully expected it to bring me to tears. I did have to squeeze Cory’s hand pretty tight when he was doing the bottom of the owl but pretty stinkin proud I didn’t cry.

Boy, that would have been embarrassing.

couples tattoo owl tree

Cory is a pro and doesn’t even seem to notice that he’s getting a tattoo.

couples tattoo
couples tattoo
tree tattoo

A few months ago, Cory got the text “bind my wandering heart to thee” and the tree was his newest addition.

owl tattoo
tree tattoo

Once we got home, I wanted to snap some more pictures {surprise, surprise} but it was late and the lighting in our house is awful. Plus, the tattoos were red and a little puffy so we waited on any close ups and took some this afternoon. 

wrist tattoo
owl tattoo
I love how Cory’s tree connects with his other tattoo. I think it really makes it look like one tattoo instead of two, which is what he was worried about.  
couples tattoo owl tree
couples tattoo

I am in love with the final products. I’m so thankful we found an artist that gave us his professional opinion and made our tattoos better. I couldn’t think of a better gift to celebrate three years of marriage. Looks like Cory is permanently stuck with me now!

Since we didn’t get any cleaning or football watching done yesterday, Cory and I came home from church and cleaned the whole house. I am ashamed of how bad I let it get but who has time to keep a spotless house?

Anyone? Anyone at all?

After we got the house clean, we turned on some games that we DVR’d yesterday and have spent the evening catching up on some college football. Now, Miss America is on so I will be voicing my opinion on the girls to Cory and the dogs! It’s been an amazing weekend and I hate to see it go but I know it will be a busy but great week!

It’s definitely Friday the 13th…kinda.

{I started this post at work yesterday but didn’t finish. Sorry it’s a day late.}
Hello weekend! I am so glad you are finally here!

 It has been a long week and yesterday was one heck of a Friday. I’m not sure about you but at my job all the crazies come out on Friday. I’m pretty sure the amount of crazies was tripled since it was Friday the 13th or it could be the fact that I was by myself.
I’ll blame it on the day. 
Do you ever have those weeks where you feel so busy every day, all day but at the end of the week you aren’t really sure what took up so much of your time? That was definitely my week. I started two fall wreaths last week- one for myself and one I’m selling, and for some reason they were slow going. I spent every night working on them and one still isn’t finished! I think I was too distracted with whatever trashy TV I was probably watching. In the middle of making the wreaths, I decided that I had to have my fall decorations out. It couldn’t wait any longer, I had to get them out on Monday.
They still aren’t finished, by the way. 
On top of two dogs and a husband who has been super busy with work, I had a half fall decorated house {because I’m slow and picky} and all my wreath making goodies cluttering up the living room, dining room and kitchen. 
I say cluttering like I’ve taken care of the mess. Nope, still there. I just need a few more hours in the day or a house keeper. Either would do.
One thing I did finish was my fall wreath and I’m in love. Owls are my favorite and I’m beyond excited that they are trending this fall. 

Fall Burlap Wreath
There’s not much on the agenda at the Sloan house this weekend. Clemson doesn’t play this weekend so no tailgating for us. After the past two weeks, I’m not too upset. It was nice to get to sleep in this morning! One of my favorite things about Saturday morning is letting the dogs get in the bed with us and snuggling as a family. And that is exactly what we did this morning.Hopefully our afternoon will consist of a little cleaning and a lot of football. Even if Clemson isn’t playing, there are some good games on today. Family and football-sounds like a perfect afternoon to me! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!