My First Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day this year was extra special for two reasons. Not only, was it my first Mother’s Day with Baker Bea outside the womb but we also had the immense pleasure to dedicate Baker at church!

Being a mother has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I’m still in awe over that fact that God chose me to carry and create our sweet girl. What better way to celebrate the gift of motherhood than to publicly pledge to our Creator to raise Baker in fear of the Lord? To teach her to love as Christ loved and live a life that glorifies His name? That’s such an incredible responsibility and one that Cory and I don’t take lightly. We are so blessed that our friends and family could join us this day and pledge along side us to mold and shape Baker into the person that God has designed her to be.

Reliving this day just gives me all the feels. All. the. feels. knowing that one day our girl will be passionate and on fire for the Lord and that Cory and I have the honor to instill that in her DNA. Truly is the biggest blessing as parent.

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Baker Bea | 10 Months

DOUBLE DIGITS, y’all! On May 8th, we celebrated ten incredible months with Baker Bea. Month ten was a big month from beginning to end. As I look at the notes in my phone where I keep all of her monthly progress, I’m amazed at all the growth and development that happened over the last month. The difference from month 9 has been pretty astonishing. We ended the month with a bang, literally. As in, she fell out of the chair when we were taking these pictures. Hello, worst parents in the world. She WAS NOT very happy, to say the least.

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