Baker Bea | 10 Months

DOUBLE DIGITS, y’all! On May 8th, we celebrated ten incredible months with Baker Bea. Month ten was a big month from beginning to end. As I look at the notes in my phone where I keep all of her monthly progress, I’m amazed at all the growth and development that happened over the last month. The difference from month 9 has been pretty astonishing. We ended the month with a bang, literally. As in, she fell out of the chair when we were taking these pictures. Hello, worst parents in the world. She WAS NOT very happy, to say the least.

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Baker’s 8 Month Pictures

Technically, these were supposed to have been Baker’s 6 month pictures but we had a busy holiday season and let these slip by us. So, in early March we had these sweet 8 month pictures taken of our Baker girl.

Chase Todd, of Chase Todd Photography, has done most of Baker’s pictures so far and we love his work! He is so great with Baker and his pictures are always swoon worthy. He is able to perfectly capture her personality. If you live in the Upstate of SC, I highly recommend him for all your photography needs!


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