Outdoor Christmas Home

Something that I’ve never shared here on the blog before is my outdoor Christmas home. I’m really not sure why I’ve never gotten around to it but every year, Cory and I semi-Griswold the outside of our home. As much as I love having the inside of my home decorated for Christmas, I really, really love having lights up on the outside. Maybe it’s because as a kid, we lived on a farm with no neighbors so my parents never decorated the outside of our house, or maybe it’s because seeing a house lit up really does remind me of the magic of Christmas.

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Baker Meets Santa 2017

Just like last year, our favorite photographer Chase Todd from Chase Todd Photography hosted Santa pictures in his studio. Since our chubby little 5-month old was so fascinated by ‘ole St. Nick last year, I couldn’t wait to let Baker meet Santa again. Last year went sooo well and she’s really not a shy kid so I went in (alone, I might add–bad idea from the start!) with high expectations.

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Halloween 2017

Halloween Bee Costume

Goodness, y’all. I feel like every time I update here, I talk about how crazy our lives have been and today is no different! The past few months have been an incredibly crazy whirlwind. We spent the better part of the past few months fundraising for our trip to Rwanda, took a 15 month-old to Africa, and I started a new job!


Nothing like doing a Halloween update after Thanksgiving, amiright?

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