Work it, girl.

Hey y’all! I’d like you to meet my sister, Gracie.


Yes, you heard me right. Gracie is my sister. No, she is not adopted. Yes, we have the same mother AND father.  Yes, there are 18 years between us. To say that she was a surprise would be a huge understatement.

Want to hear another huge understatement? She may be a little spoiled.
Can’t really blame her, though. She’s the youngest of 5 children and sweet as sugar. Whatever Gracie wants, Gracie gets 99.9% of the time.
This past weekend she was in her first fashion show. Belk hosted the show and allowed the girls to come in last week and pick out their outfit. She and one of her friends spent about an hour trying on hundreds of different outfits.
Maybe I’m exaggerating but it felt like that many.
 My Mom and I finally decided on this adorable outfit. She loved the pink jeans from the very beginning but DID NOT want to try on the vest. I begged her to at least try it and she asked me why I didn’t just buy it?
Well, Gracie, if it were my size, I would have. It was that cute.
Once she got it on, she loved it! And the model came out in her, pose and all.


She rocked the runway and maybe I’m a little biased but she was definitely the most stylish one there.


I know the pictures aren’t great and they don’t do her justice but all I had was my phone. My camera was still with my husband, who was on his way home from Africa at this point.
Let me just say that having him home has been incredible. I have slept like a rock the past couple nights! He will be doing a guest post soon with pictures and an update from his trip!


He’s coming home!!!

Let me just say, I can’t wait for my husband to get home. After two long weeks, he is coming home today! 

Being that I am so Type A, the past couple days have been very stressful. See, I like to have everything laid in stone planned out. I don’t handle changes very well especially when it involves my husband not getting to come home at his scheduled time. I wish I could be more like Cory because stuff like this doesn’t bother him. Anyways, their flight from Nairobi, Kenya to Zurich was canceled due to a fire at the airport. They were told everything would be fine and they went to bed but later that evening I found out it wouldn’t be! With the time difference and spotty cell phone reception in Rwanda, I was finally able to convey the message to Cory, in the middle of the night our time. Needless to say, it was another sleepless night. 

Good news is they got it all worked out and were rerouted to Tanzania to catch their flight. I know they will be exhausted after 36 hours of travel but this will be one happy wife when I can wrap my arms around Cory’s neck!

Hope y’all have as good of weekend as I am going to have!

Somethings gotta give…

I think everyone in my house is starting to feel the effects of Cory being gone. The dogs have been awful the past nine days…they are barking in the middle of the night, not staying in the yard and are just kind of sluggish in the evenings.

My Mom snapped this picture Friday night of Einstein laying on Cory’s shoe. He never lays on things like shoes, but he flipped it upside down like this and laid on it for most of the evening.

Poor thing. He misses his Daddy. I miss his Daddy too.

I’m not the clingy wife type. I don’t have to spend every waking minute with my husband (not that I mind), I like for him to have time with his friends or doing something he enjoys because I enjoy time to myself sometimes. I knew that two weeks apart would suck but I didn’t know it would be this bad.

Maybe it’s because Cory is 7500 miles away, in a different country, on a different continent. Maybe it’s because this is the first time we’ve ever been apart this long. Yes, since January of 2006 I haven’t spent more than a few days away from him. Maybe it’s because our communication is spotty and unless we want to pay a ridiculous amount to call or text, we can only talk when he has access to Wi-Fi. Since I don’t know where he is or what he is doing, I’ve been waiting by phone for the past week. Maybe it’s because out of the 8 nights he has been gone, I’ve had 2 good nights of sleep. 2 out of 8 nights!

Whatever the reason may be, this blows. Being the person at home is hard. And I may be a tad bit jealous that he is getting to experience Africa without me.


Please don’t get me wrong and think that I wish Cory hadn’t gone. I’m so proud of him and the work he is doing for the Lord. I can’t wait to hear his stories, look at his pictures and see the changes happening in him. I know that God is preparing us both for whatever the future may hold but that doesn’t mean I can’t miss my husband!

3 more days and he will be home!

Weekend Recap

What to say about my weekend? This was probably the most least exciting relaxing weekend I’ve had in a while but it was much needed. My weekend was so relaxing I didn’t even take one picture. Long story short, my weekend went a little like this: eat, sleep, worked on a wreath, pool, eat, sleep, nursery at church, lots of dirty diapers, pool, eat. See why I didn’t take any pictures? They wouldn’t have been very interesting. Unless your idea of interesting is pictures of me bummin’ around with no makeup and pool hair, than you might have enjoyed them. 


When I say sleep, I mean the good kind of sleep. Like, the 12 hours kind of good sleep. I’ve had a hard time sleeping since my husband is 7500 miles away and it felt so good to catch up on some rest. I’m really hoping this week is different but it’s not looking too good. Normally I don’t work on Mondays but we have graduation on Friday so our office has to work the university schedule. It’s already after 10:00 pm and I’m not feeling very tired. I thought spending the weekend in the sun would tire me out but my brain just won’t shut off. 

Speaking of weekend in the sun…can I say how nice it was to have a whole weekend of sunshine? The weather this summer has been strange. I can’t ever remember a summer that it has rained as much as it has this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love the lakes being full just as much as the next girl but glad to catch a break! It’s amazing what a little sun on your skin will do for the mind. 

Anyways, that’s enough of my babbling. I hope ya’ll have a great week and may God bless!