Our Love Story: Bridal Luncheon + Rehearsal Dinner

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What felt like an eternity of planning came to a wrap with our wedding weekend. I was more than ready to walk down that aisle and say “I do” but not without a few more celebrations! In case y’all don’t know by now, we like our wedding celebrations.

Bridal Lunch

Friday morning started off with a bridal luncheon at Pixie and Bill’s in Clemson and it was hosted by Marla {Jessica’s mama and my mom’s bff} and a few of my aunts.

Apparently, I was done taking pictures by this point, so I had to grab most of these off Facebook from friends and family who were at the lunch.

Paige SloanBridal LunchBridal LuncheonBridal Lunch TableBridal CakeBridal brunch

Look at those cheeks!

FlowerBridal Lunch

Jessica reading a very sweet letter she wrote me. And of course, I was crying.

Matron of Honor SpeechMother of the BrideBridal Lunch

The mama’s.


Typical of my bridesmaids :)

Bridal Lunch

Jessica {my matron of honor} and I.

Bridal Brunch

And our pretty mamas!

Bridal Brunch

The grandmothers.

Bridal Brunch

Aunt Chanda and I {she’s not really my aunt, she’s Jessica’s aunt but we’ve been friends long enough that I can claim her too} . She’s the one who got all these great pictures!

Me in mirrorBridal BrunchBridal Lunch

Friday evening, we had the rehearsal at the church.

Wedding RehearsalWedding Rehearsal IMG_2930 edited Wedding RehearsalWedding Rehearsal

Afterwards, we headed to the rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner

Cory with his mama.

Rehearsal Dinner

And his granny. See how happy he was?

Rehearsal Dinner

I’m not sure what I was telling them but it looks really important judging by their faces.

Rehearsal DinnerRehearsal Dinner

I firmly believe in the saying “Keep it simple, stupid” and did just that with our bridal party gifts. The groomsmen got handmade ties to match the girls handmade dresses {more on that later} and the girls got earrings and a necklace for the wedding. At the time, my friend Jodi owned a bead shop and made the jewelry as my wedding gift. The children got jewelry and a tie as well, but also Pillow Pets to make it a little more fun.

Rehearsal DinnerRehearsal DinnerRehearsal DinnerRehearsal Dinner

I promise, this is the last of the celebrations showers posts but I hope you’ll join me next week for the next part of Our Love Story series: getting ready and the ceremony!

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  • Looks like some wonderful celebrating for sure :)

    • It was all wonderful! Can’t wait to relive our big day!

  • Aww, looks like the wedding prep events were really fun!!

    • It all was really fun but I’m ready to get to the big day!

  • PILLOW PETS!!!! that would be good for the adults too :)

    • Haha!!! I have always wanted the penguin one and now they have the ones that light up!

  • Aw you look so pretty! Can’t wait to see the getting ready & wedding pictures!

    • Thanks, doll! So ready to actually get to the wedding day. I almost skipped this post but wanted to document it for myself!

  • love this paige!!!!!!! so excited to see it all <3. xxxxx.

  • loving all your dresses!! So pretty :) I know what you mean about all the planning and then you’re one day away…like how did that happen!?

    • Thanks, lovely! And right??? It was the fastest year and half of my life!

  • Such great photos! Can’t wait to see more! xo

  • Bridal luncheons is another thing we don’t seem to do up here! What a fun afternoon with your girls :) Loved your white dress!

    • Really??? Isn’t it crazy how different two parts of the country can be? Something I never really thought about! And thank you! The white dress was one of my faves!

  • Jodi

    Hey I got a shout out :) I hope you’re doing great!

    • I’m doing great Jodi and I hope you are too!