Our Love Story: Bridal Portraits

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Bridal portrait

I’m so excited to be back for Our Love Story series, after taking last week off, to share my bridal portraits. Cory and I spent a few days at the beach so this little blog got put on the back burner. Y’all understand, right?

Since Mary Kate {our photographer} is no longer shooting, she recently sent me my engagement and bridal images for the blog. Once I started looking through my bridal portraits, it occurred to me that other than the canvas portrait my parents have and a few poses I had printed for the reception, these have only been seen by MK, me, my parents and probably Jessica {my MOH}.

I feel like a new bride who can finally share all their awesome bridal portraits! It takes me back to almost four years ago and the happiness I felt looking at these the first time!

Bridal portrait

We shot my portraits at my reception venue which has a restored house on the property that serves as the bridal suite. It’s got awesome hardwood floors, a fabulous front porch and a gorgeous view back behind the house.

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My poor lost ring :(

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I remember MK asking me if she was sure I wanted to sit down and I was all “Yeah. Totally. My dress will be fine.” She looked blankly at me for a second and turns to my mom and says “Are you sure it’s okay for her to sit down?” Haha!

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I had so many wonderful pictures to chose from, it was nearly impossible to pick one for my canvas but this was the one I went with. It was my gift to my parents and they proudly have a 16 x 20 {I think} of this baby hanging in their dining room!

Check back next Wednesday for all the fun happenings like the bridal brunch and rehearsal dinner the day before our wedding!

22 thoughts on “Our Love Story: Bridal Portraits

  1. girl i love these!!!! you look gorgeous!!! love the cowboy boots too and im still so sad you havent found your ring!!! ;( I will say another prayer you find it!!! Oh i forgot to tell you…hubby thought he lost his one time…we were SO SAD!!! Guess where we found it?? Im sorry, MEEEE, I found it in the dryer!!! (or washing machine) ha cant remember which one, but thank the Lord, I was so sad, so just pray pray and hopefully it will turn up!!!

    1. Thank you, love! Keep prayin’ they show up! As soon as I got home, I washed all our clothes for this particular reason and prayed I would find it in either one…no luck!

    1. Aw, thanks lovely! Absolutely not! We had some pictures done at our one year anniversary and our photographer {not our wedding photographer} told us she had them done FIVE years after she got married! If the dress still fits, slap it on and have some made!

  2. Yep… I’ve photographed enough brides to see when they aren’t good posers. you’ve got it down – great poses in your body. So beautiful.
    My fav? The one with you leaning against the white wall with the picture next to you… so beautiful. They all are. You’re so tiny!!! That little waist!!! :)

    1. Such sweet compliments! I’ve never thought I posed well but I did have an awesome photographer! The wall pictures are my favorite too! And I WAS so tiny! I guess that’s what graduating college, buying a house and planning a wedding all in one summer will do to a girl!

  3. girl you look amazing! seriously. what a fab idea. all of these photos are so gorgeous & you look so fabulous. i just love the boots, and your hair looks so fab!

  4. First of all, you are stunning! secondly, your dress = gorgeous! third, your photographer seriously is legit! and lastly, who’s house? i wanna live there! lol.

    1. Aw!!! Thanks so much, doll! My photographer was the bomb! The house was on the same property as our reception venue and it was an old house the owners had renovated to use as offices and the bridal suite. It was gorgeous!

  5. These are so beautiful!!! Love the ones with your boots on :) I had never heard of bridal portraits before blogging.. I wonder if they are more of a Southern thing? Either way, I wish I would have done some myself!

    1. Thanks, doll! And seriously??? It must be a southern thing because it’s a part of almost every photographers wedding packages around here! It’s never too late :)

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