Our House Throughout the Years | Living Room

With all the changes happening to our house the past month, I thought it would be fun to document all the different stages our little house has been through in the short 4 1/2 years we’ve lived here. Today, I’m continuing my little series to show you our living room throughout the years. It wasn’t always pretty, but it’s ours!

In case you missed it, you can check out our kitchen and dining room here.


The day we moved into our house-proud, new owners standing in our living room.


I just wanted to include this one because look how precious Gracie looked with that baby face.

Shortly after we moved in…

When we bought our house, the only furniture we had to our names was some mixed bedroom furniture and Cory’s childhood bedroom suite. Everything pictured was given to us {we were so fortunate to have generous families} and we bought the piers beside the fireplace for $100 off of Craigslist.

Living room before 7

We acquired the few decorations mostly from wedding showers.

Living room before 8Living room before 2

Why did I hang the pictures so high???

Living room before 3

Y’all, this couch was old when we got it. My grandparents gave it to us and it’s the couch I grew up sleeping on every time I stayed at their house. {My sister and I were scared to sleep upstairs in the guest bedroom because of Fred, the friendly ghost but that’s a story for another day}.

It really was the best sleeping couch though, even if it was outdated and ugly.

After paint and decorations…

Our home no longer felt like a bachelor pad/prison cell with all those bland walls.

living room after paint 10living room after paint 9living room after paint 5

I finally learned to hang stuff at eye level.

living room after paint 6living room after paint 7living room after paint 8

After we purchased furniture…

About a year later, we made the worst {which turned into the best} decision of our married life and bought living room furniture.

living room after furniture 4living room after furniture 3living room after furnitureliving room after furniture 2 living room after furniture 5

And up until about five weeks ago, this is pretty much exactly how my living room looked minus the ottoman because a certain black haired dog decided to mark the dead center of it while we were out of town one time. I’ve loved my living room decorations ever since I put them in three years ago but I’m ready for a lighter feel.

I know that will be hard to achieve with brown couches but I plan on lightening the color of the walls, painting our piers, hanging some fun curtains and I might just buy a few new pieces of decor. I will keep all the big stuff like my blue cabinet in the corner {one of my all-time favorite purchases}, my clock and the lamps but I’m hoping we will be able to update the coffee tables and end tables soon. I’ve got some killer DIY’s in mind after Cory made me a headboard, which I will be sharing next week!

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11 thoughts on “Our House Throughout the Years | Living Room

  1. All I know is in all of this, Ricky & I would have killed each other. Its why I had to put my furniture together & do my room on my own… we don’t do house redecorating well together :)

  2. this is so fabulous! love the pics from when you first got the house, so cute!! it’s funny how fast you accumulate stuff, when we moved into our 1 bedroom apartment we had nothing and people gave us stuff, and now we have a 3 bedroom house full of just stuff!!

  3. I love seeing how everything changes over the years!

    Our place is the same with a bunch of mixed furniture we were given, I can not wait to finally buy our own stuff, slowly but surely!

    I can not wait to see how everything looks once y’all are done with it, and the living room can still look bright with dark furniture, sounds like you got the right idea with lighter paint and some curtains, a cute rug can help too! Hope y’all are having a great week and happy Friday eve!

  4. I’m cracking up at your picture hanging! I have the same problem hanging stuff so high. But that’s where it looks best! Until you look at it later and realize… haha! It’s fun to see the evolution. Makes me excited to move into our house and start decorating!

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