Not So Happy Halloween

Not so happy Halloween from Hampton Batman. 

Dog Costume Batman

We don’t make a big deal out of Halloween around house since we don’t have kids and normally aren’t at home for Trick or Treaters but I do like to dress the dogs up. This picture is actually from 2011 but one of my favorites of Hampton. I often wish our dogs could talk just so I could know what they are thinking. The pissed off look on his face says “Get this stupid costume off me. Now.” 

Dog Costume Superman

Dog Costume Batman

The dogs really aren’t fond of wearing any kind of clothing but that doesn’t stop me from buying them things like this…
Dog Halloween

And they hate every second of wearing them, which I expected but darn, are they cute!

Dog Halloween Shirt

Dog Halloween Shirt

So, moral of the story is my dogs hate Halloween and hate me for making them wear these god awful too cute to pass up costumes.  

Happy Halloween and may your day be filled with more treats than tricks. 

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