New Year’s Eve

Happy Monday, y’all! I started my day off with a healthy breakfast, the first day of C25K and an arm and ab workout from the Tone It Up girls…pretty productive if I say so myself. I’ll share more about all that tomorrow though.

Since I took Thursday and Friday off from blogging, I wanted to recap our New Year’s Eve.

Unlike last year, we kept things real low key to ring in 2015. Partly because Cory and I had to work this year but mostly because I still wasn’t feeling 100%.  I thought I just had a cold but after five days of the worst sinus pressure I’ve ever felt, I finally gave in on Tuesday and went to the doctor. Turns out, I had a nasty sinus infection and started a round of antibiotics and a steroid spray. Between feeling under the weather and working, I just didn’t have any energy to decorate {or even plan} a party.

Thankfully, our friends don’t need the decorations to still have a good time!

New Years Eve

This is the first year that Kaylen has spent New Year’s with us and she was so much fun! She was so proud of her outfit, especially her necklace.

New Years Eve 1

The Hensons were out of town for Christmas so we let Kaylen open her gift before everyone else got there.

New Years Eve 3

And Uncle Cory Ninja painted her finger nails. Bless it!

New Years Eve 4

We snacked on some good food, watched some football, shot off a few fireworks {which K loved!} and waited for the ball to drop.

New Years Eve 5 New Years Eve 6

No one else I’d rather ring the new year in with!

New Years Eve 7 New Years Eve 8 New Years Eve 9

Allen had to show off his New Year’s attire. Pretty classy, right?

New Years Eve 10

And the boys wanted a picture just like the girls :)

New Years Eve 11

Mine and Jessica’s traditional New Years picture included K this year to which she was trying to show off her nails. This girl cracks me up!

New Years Eve 12

We love us some Allen and Tammie! This is the fourth New Years we’ve spent with them.

New Years Eve 13

My love. So excited to spend another year with this guy.

New Years Eve 14

And we can’t forget the furbabies.

New Years Eve 15 New Years Eve 16 New Years Eve 17 New Years Eve 18

Cory thought he was to avoid the mess that is confetti this year but right before the ball dropped, I remembered I had a couple confetti packs left from last year. Good thing K can’t read because they had 2014 on them.

New Years Eve 19

Judging by the smile on her face, she enjoyed the confetti. A year old and all.

New Years Eve 20

And then she immediately wanted to clean it up. A girl after Uncle Cory’s heart.

When I woke up on Thursday morning, Cory had already cleaned up the  house {you can be jealous, it’s okay!} and we spent the entire day in our pjs, watching football. There were lots of puppy snuggles and cheering for Oregon and Ohio State. A lazy New Year’s day has kinda become our tradition and there’s no other way I’d rather start 2015!

Check back tomorrow to hear about my life goals for 2015!

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  1. I’m definitely way behind here…. :) But I’m glad you guys had a fun and low key NYE! The little one is so cute! And how sweet of Cory to paint her nails! I asked my Husband to paint my toes the other night and he said no guys do that! Ha! Wrong! ;)

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