My Last Bumpdate- 36 Weeks

Well, well, well…this week has been a very interesting week and not at all how I expected to spend the last week of my pregnancy but Hot Pie and I are both safe and healthy and that’s all that matters. Pull up a chair and stick around as I share my LAST BUMPDATE!

Week 36 bumpdate

How Far Along: 36 weeks, 6 days.
Size of Baby: She’s the size of a papaya. 18.7 inches long and according to the growth scan we had done on Friday, she’s 6lbs 15 oz and measuring a full week ahead.
Gender: It’s a sweet girl! Read all about our gender reveal party here!
Movement: Movement has definitely slowed down because baby girl is OUT of room. The ultrasound tech said my belly is completely full of baby and she doesn’t have much room to even move her hands or feet.
Symptoms: If you follow me on Insta or Snapchat, you might have seen that I’ve been in the hospital since last Wednesday. So, let’s catch up! Last Wednesday, I was sitting at work when I got really light headed, sick to my stomach and a headache. I called my OB and they wanted me to go to the hospital to get some blood work done since the office couldn’t get same day results. So, I met Cory at home, we grabbed our bags just in case and headed to the hospital. They put my in a labor and delivery room, drew some blood, checked my blood pressure and cervix and we waited on the doctor. Once the doctor came in, I told her I still had a headache. She said my blood work looked good but wanted me to complete a 24 hour urine analysis and since I still had a headache, she admitted me to do it at the hospital and be monitored. I started it at 7:00 pm Wednesday evening and we were told we would have the results back by 9:00pm Thursday evening. The doctors explained that if the protein levels in my urine were over 300 {a positive diagnosis of pre-eclampsia} they would admit me to the hospital until I could be induced at 37 weeks. Thursday evening, we finished the 24 hour analysis and waited on the results, fully expecting to pass and be sent home to finish my pregnancy on bed rest due to hypertension and the swelling in my legs and feet. Cory had already packed up all our stuff…we were ready to go! The nurse came in and said I would be staying because my numbers were over 500! I was in actual shock. I didn’t even know what to say and all I could do was laugh. I’m sure the nurse thought I was crazy but I just didn’t think there was any way my numbers would be that high since I hadn’t had any issues with protein in my urine thus far. So, we spent the next few minutes figuring out some what of a plan as to Cory going back and forth from the hospital to home {we live about an hour away} so he could work this week and help my mom take care of the dogs. As for me, I’ve been on hospital bed rest since and will be induced tomorrow morning, at 37 weeks. By the way, I was off a day apparently the whole pregnancy because I didn’t think I would be 37 weeks until Saturday.

This was not at all what we were expecting when we came to the hospital over a week ago and an induction was definitely not in our birth plan but it truly has been a blessing because my swelling is down SO much! Has it been boring? Yes, but I’m thankful for the chance to rest and be at 100% when they induce me. I’m so thankful for all the visitors and for my family for coming and keeping me company at the hospital, bringing us food and taking care of our dogs. Without Cory and my family, I would have been a complete mess over this!
Sleep: Sleep in a hospital is not ideal. The bed is not the most comfortable and they are in and out every four hours checking my blood pressure and drawing blood but I’ve slept okay. I had my mom bring me some sheets from home and Cory bought a fan and I’ve gotten decent sleep.
Workouts: They let me take a walk around the hospital Saturday night just for a change of scenery but then my feet swelled really bad that night so no more walks.
Maternity Clothes: It’s been all yoga pants and t-shirts this past week. I’m just thankful I didn’t have to stay in one of those hospital gowns the whole time!
Weight Gain: The final number is about 55 lbs but so much of this is fluid. The nurse said I had pounds of fluid in my legs. I haven’t put anymore on since I was admitted to the hospital though.
Cravings/Aversions: Nothing new on this end.
Missing Most: Right now, I’m missing my fur babies. It’s been so hard being away from them because I know they are so confused over this situation. And I’m just really missing home. It’s gonna be so nice to actually be able to step outside and go home in a few days!
Nursery: I feel bad because we won’t be taking Hot Pie home to a nursery that is 100% finished but we didn’t expect for me to be in the hospital since 35 weeks and 5 days. I was depending on at least one more weekend to finish a few things up. It’s nothing major but it will have to happen later. And the reveal…that’s gonna be hard to do with a newborn!
Labor Signs: I am dilated 1 cm and had contractions all week but nothing consistent.
Belly Button In or Out? Even my belly button is swollen and puffy.
Wedding Rings On or Off? My rings are safely tucked away in my jewelry box for the remainder of my pregnancy, I assume.
Hubby: Gosh, y’all. I could cry writing this section. I just thought he was wonderful before but he has done it all since I’ve been stuck at the hospital. Like I said, he has been working this week so he can be off next week so he’s been driving to Greenville every evening just to see me. He’s been taking stuff back and forth that I need, taking care of the dogs, finishing all the last minutes things we needed to get done that I couldn’t. He’s been wonderful! I know he’s exhausted but I’m so thankful for his willingness to do it all.
Best Part of the Week: We’ve had so many great visitors and had a meal brought to us twice this week. After a week of hospital food, a home cooked meal was so, so good!
Can’t Wait For: I’m sure this goes without even saying but we get to meet our baby girl tomorrow! Yes, I’m nervous and anxious but I’m ready to kiss those sweet cheeks! I can’t wait to lay eyes on her and fall in love even more than I already am!

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8 thoughts on “My Last Bumpdate- 36 Weeks

  1. Thinking of you girl. As someone who dealt with blood pressure stuff her whole pregnancy and ended up getting surprised at the end and getting induced, I can relate so much! I can’t wait for you to hold your little girl in your arms! Makes it all totally worth it! I’ll be thinking of you and hoping your induction and labor go smoothly and quickly!

  2. I can’t even imagine all of the emotions you must be feeling right now!!!! I will be praying for you over the next day, or two – and I can’t wait see photos of you and your sweet new family of THREE!!! <3

  3. Oh how I wish your Greenville was MY Greenville… I wish I was near – I’d help with the dogs – I’d help with whatever you need… I’d even take pictures of the birth for you ;) … I’m so excited for you getting to meet your baby. I’m going to praying you up tonight & into tomorrow & CANT WAIT to see the pics of your precious HOT PIE. You got this momma!!! Rooting you on from afar!!!

  4. My goodness girl! What a rollercoaster ride you’ve been on! I’m SO glad that you and hot pie are healthy and well considering the circumstances! And I’m so glad that your induction, labor, and delivery went well also! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, bless Cory’s heart! He’s a keeper.

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