Lazy Day

Do you ever have those days where you don’t even feel like getting out of your pjs? Well, today I did. After the past three weeks of going non-stop, my body needed the rest. There was so much that I wanted and needed to get done today but instead we did a lot of this…

and this…

I’ve had the whole first season of Chicago Fire on my DVR for months and I spent most of the day {I slept till 10:30} catching up on it. The biggest decision I made all day was if I wanted to get dressed, brush my teeth and go get something to eat. I was having a serious craving for hibachi but really didn’t want to move from the couch.

It’s okay. You can judge me.

I was too hungry to not go, so we went for a ride to get hibachi.

Don’t worry, I did change out of my pj’s and brush my teeth. However, I didn’t bother brushing my hair.

The boys love to ride and we don’t take them nearly enough. It’s very rare that we are only going one place and back home. Their excitement made me feel like a bad mama.

Shh, don’t tell Hampy he’s a dog.

Other than watching Chicago Fire, I caught up on my blog reading from the weekend, spent way too much time just browsing on Pinterest and did a little online shopping for my birthday. Now I’ve got a thousand and one ideas of stuff I want to do around the house. It’s probably a day wasted because there are always projects to work on, pictures to edit and post to write but my body {and mind} will thank me the rest of the week.

Hope y’all had a great Monday!

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