Last Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas

I mentioned on Friday that my nieces birthday was this past weekend. She was supposed to have a party Saturday evening but my sister tested positive for the flu and they thought Taylor might have had it too so we had to cancel her party. After we got home from snow tubing {which was a blast}, my mom called to say she was going to take her presents to her so I asked if she would take mine too. I love the child but I was not taking the chance of getting the flu again. Obviously {by this post} I wasn’t prepared so I’m sharing with you some of my last minute gift wrapping ideas.

Last minute gift wrapping idea

When buying a gift, do you ever purposefully not buy wrapping paper because you are sure that you’ve got some at home only to realize once you get home, you’ve got nothing!

Someone please tell me I’m not the only person that does this!

Normally, I realize this about 30 minutes before a party is suppose to start so I have to go back to the store, get wrapping paper, wrap it in a hurry and rush off to the party. In this case, my mom was on her way to pick up the gift when I walked back to my office to discover that the only paper I had enough of was Christmas and this roll of brown bag looking paper. Normally, I would start scrounging for a bag to fit the gift in {because I’m a gift bag hoarder} but Cory and I got Taylor a keyboard so it wasn’t fitting in any bag I had. Not that she cares what the paper looks like {what 5 year old does?} but I couldn’t give a gift wrapped in Christmas paper so brown bag looking paper it was. I’m really not even sure where this roll of paper came from but it’s been with my other wrapping paper ever since we moved into our house.

Last Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Tulle Bow Gift Wrapping

Tulle Bow Gift Wrap

Polka Dot Gift Tag

Pink Polka Dot Gift Tag

Pink Gift Tag

Pink Tulle Bow

Last Minute Gift Wrapping

Tulle is my go to supply for wrapping presents because it is so easy to work with and adds so much to any gift. Luckily, I keep a supply on hand and had this pink tulle and the pink polka dot tag left over from the baby shower I did for Jessica. After wrapping the tulle around the present, I tied a knot on the front of the gift. To add a little more pink, I cut additional strips of the tulle and tied them around the first knot until I thought it looked okay. I used all of my plain white ribbon for my New Year’s banner so I tied the tag on with some gold sparkly ribbon I had.

I know it’s not much but for being really last minute and only using the supplies I had on hand, I think it turned out cute and personable. Maybe I should use what I’ve got on hand more often!

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