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Big things are happening around our small town and I feel privileged that I knew before most others. A few weeks ago, I got a call from my Mom telling me that some movie producers from LA where filming a movie in Seneca and were interested in using my Dad’s grocery store. They came and scoped the store out and talked to my Dad and decided they wanted to use it for a few scenes. 
Word started to spread and people have been coming out of the woodwork asking if it is true. The news stations started reporting about it last week but hadn’t mentioned any specific places they were filming. Well, last Friday Dad made the front page of the Seneca Journal.

Front page is big news around here. 


It’s a small town.

You better believe that Cory and I will be up there Saturday. Thank goodness, it’s an away game! Cory said that if he doesn’t get to meet Burt Reynolds, he was gonna burn something down. Ha! I just want to try and be in the movie. Maybe I can get a hand in or something. 
Yesterday when I got home from work, I found this package strapped to our mailbox. 

Let me explain, our driveway is across the street but it’s not even a 50 ft walk from our carport to the mailbox. Not to mention, they could have just pulled into our carport. 

It probably took the mailman person more time to find this rubber band and get it strapped on than it would have to walk it into our carport. 
Glad no one stole it because it was a gift for Cory’s birthday and this just screams “take me.”

Yes, he is adorable, really hard to get mad at and most times I can’t resist this face but coming in first thing in the morning, soaking wet and covered in dirt, will do it. 

Until this morning, I’d forgotten that in the colder months I have to allow myself extra time to clean up the dogs.

I didn’t even want to get a picture of Einstein because it seriously looked like Hampton had taken his paw, scooped up a pile of poop dirt {Ahem}, and smeared it all down Einsteins back. 

I left him outside, jumped in the tub and asked Cory if he would clean him before he left. 

Sneaky, sneaky. 

Maybe I should try and find some doggie rain boots. Do they even make those? They’d been handy this morning. 

Y’all have a good week! 

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