Happy 50th Birthday, Dad!

Oh, Tuesday…we meet again. How is it the weekends just go by so fast?

I have a confession to make…I haven’t jogged since I posted that video last Wednesday. I woke up on Saturday morning {my next day to run} sick again. I had just finished a round of antibiotics from the sinus infection I had over Christmas break and felt good for all of three days and the same sinus junk is back again.

I’ve blown my nose approximately 739 times this weekend and still have so much snot in my head. TMI? Maybe. I just don’t even know how it’s possible to still have this much congestion!

But I’m not here to talk about sickness and snot.

I’m here to talk about my sweet Dad and wish him a happy 50th birthday!

50th Birthday Ideas

Technically, his birthday was yesterday but I was busy getting the house ready for a little birthday dinner.

50th Birthday banner

While I had to resist the urge to go all out, I kept it simple with a banner and some black balloons, of course!

50th Birthday 50th party ideas 50th birthday party 50th birthday party decorations 50th party decorations Dads 50th Birthday 7 Dads 50th Birthday 8

Thinking hard about a birthday wish.

Dads 50th Birthday 9 Dads 50th Birthday 10 Dads 50th Birthday 11 Dads 50th Birthday 14

The girls read him their cards.

Dads 50th Birthday 15 Dads 50th Birthday 16 Dads 50th Birthday 18

Mimi had to help decipher Taylor’s spelling.

Dads 50th Birthday 20

And of course, opened his gifts!

Dads 50th Birthday 21

Hampton partied too hard.

I don’t say this nearly enough but I’m extremely blessed with two wonderful parents. My dad is the epitome of goodness and kindness. He is the wisest person I know and the first person Cory and I go to when making a big decision. He is dependable, passionate, and disciplined {he rides 300 miles on a bicycle every year!}. He would give you the shirt off his back, has a heart for missions and travel, but also has a strong desire to better our community. Most importantly, he is madly in love with Christ and his walk with the Lord is so inspiring. I’m continuously amazed at how much my dad has on his plate {owns a business, goes to school, church, Barnabas X, raises a family} and he does it all with grace.

I’m so very thankful that God chose him to be my father. Happy birthday to the first man that ever told me he loved me!

6 thoughts on “Happy 50th Birthday, Dad!

  1. Oh girl, that is SO rough!! I hate being sick… and I hate how hard it is to get back into working out and running after being sick :( Not fair! Hope you get better asap!
    What a wonderful celebration for your dad!!

  2. Oh my gosh… know what I just realized… my husband is 53… older then your dad… haha… reality check.

    Hope you feel better. My step daughter had the same sinus infection keep coming back on her 3 times :(

  3. Awww! How sweet! Happy birthday to your Dad! Love the pictures! Hope your feeling better and getting some of that snot out of your head! Haha :)

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