Happy 29th Birthday, My Love!

Happy birthday to my most favorite person in the whole world!

Cory, you’re the most special person and I’m so lucky to get to walk hand in hand with you for the rest of our lives.


My life without you would be so boring! Whether we are traveling the world together or sitting on the couch, snuggling the dogs, I’m so thankful you are the person beside me.


You deserve so much more than just one day of recognition because you put up with me everyday are the most generous, selfless person I know. You are kind and compassionate and put up my curling iron without complaining. You are so loving {and never forget to show it} and always put me before yourself.


I hope you know, everyday not just today, how much I thank God for blessing my life by you. You are my better half, my soul mate and I hope you have the most wonderful day today.

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Happy birthday, my love! Since you’re way older than me, you’re officially getting old ;)

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