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Happy Friday, y’all! Last Friday I mentioned that Cory and I would be starting the Daniel Fast with our church. Well, we decided to do a partial Daniel Fast because it’s extremely strict. We’ve cut out all sugary treats and we’ve really tried to cut out meat but I’ve had chicken twice this week. I’m struggling with not feeling full without meat. On top of the fast, everyone at our church got a free 30-day membership to a Gold’s gym in town {holla!}. Since I’ve started working out more seriously and I’m actually starting to enjoy running {say whaaaat?}, I’ve realized how in need I am of some new workout gear to help with gettin’ fit!

Would you guys believe me if I told you that the majority of my sports bras are from high school?? I bought a few new ones when I started cheering at Clemson but I wasn’t much bigger then than I was in high school. And since I’ve never been blessed in that department, they are seriously like teen bras. #nosupport

I don’t mind wearing shorts to the gym {even though my legs are almost vampiric} but the shorts I have are not made to run in. I can’t tell you how many times I almost fell off the treadmill last night trying to pull my shorts out of my crotch.

TMI? Just keeping it real.

But, I will never be the person to spend hundreds of dollars on workout clothes. No matter how cute they are, I just can’t. There are starving kids in Africa! However, I do believe in investing in a few good pieces that will last rather than cheap stuff that will fall apart after a few washes.

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I’m linking up with all kinds of fun ladies today {darci, karli, amanda, tif, andrea} and sharing five essentials I need to invest in to help me get fit!
Gettin' Fit
1.| 2.| 3.| 4.| 5.

Everything listed, other than the shoes, I need ASAP. I’ve got a pair of Asics that I’ve had for a couple of years and for now, they work just fine. Obviously, I’m new at this and would love your opinions. What do you love? What do you hate? Share all your secrets, please!

On a completely unrelated note, my planner finally arrived yesterday! I’ve felt so lost without out it and blame my lack of posting on not having my planner to keep me organized. In reality, I’ve just been lazy busy. Y’all, it has so many lines! It makes my list-making heart happy.

Happy weekend!

16 thoughts on “Five on Friday| Gettin’ Fit

  1. I’m a huge believer in the power of cute workout clothes!! I bought a pair of pink Nike’s over the summer and working out is much more enjoyable now :) Good luck with the fast and happy Friday!

  2. I hate running shorts & that creeping thing :( I always wear running skirts in races just for that reason.

    I refuse to pay a lot of money as well – check out Target clearance!! & Old Navy sales… that’s where I get all my workout gear

  3. Love your pics! New workout clothes/shoes make all the difference. I got fitted for my first pair of brooks shoes when i started running five years ago, and i’m on pair number 4 – love them! good luck with the daniel fast – i’ve heard good things about it :)

  4. Oh my gosh, you crack me up. I’ve almost fallen off the treadmill several times for that same reason, so I feel ya. I usually get workout clothes from TJ Maxx but i do agree it’s nice to splurge on some things when they’ll last for a long time, love everything!

  5. i have never been blessed in that department either, lol. i got my 2 sports bras from tj maxx, they are under armour and i love them. definitely not for the bigger ladies, lol. i run in brooks, love them! i totally recommend hitting up tj maxx for workout clothes – they have nike stuff all the time. i normally run in a tshirt or tank (normal, not workout specific, i’m a rule breaker like that) and capris or shorts. easy peasy. as for staying full without meat – you can absolutely 1000000% do it – let me know if you have any questions lol. we eat a lot of vegetarian meals in our house, and my husband is pretty much the same – never full without meat – so i have to make meals that will really fill him up. do you like avocado? put it in everything, seriously. we made an avo pasta once and it was so good and my husband was like this isnt gonna fill me up and he couldnt even finish his bowl *evil laugh*

  6. I hate working out but I need to start. i know I would feel so much better. I love the workout gear that you have picked out.Thanks for linking up to H54F! Della@Della Devoted

  7. Isn’t it crazy how expensive workout clothes can be?! I definitely don’t like spending lots on these items either. I really like nike tempo shorts for running. But I only buy them if they are on sale or if I have a coupon. I’ve found a couple pairs at kohls at end of season and then used a coupon on top of it to get them for cheap. Also, at the goodwill store near us they carry new unused items from target so I like to look through those items for sports bras and such! Hopefully your getting lots of new/cheap stuff!

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