Five on Friday

How is it already Friday??? This week has flown by but that could be because we are just trying to keep our heads above water with three crazy dogs and our house getting robbed.

More about that in a few.

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I’m linking up with all kinds of fun ladies today {darci, karli, amanda, tif, andrea} …you should too!


Don’t let this picture fool you. She’s a handful.

1 | We’ve had to come up with some intuitive engineering to keep Charlie off the bottom part of coffee table.¬† Yes, that’s Saran Wrap. Don’t judge, it works and hopefully will keep her from scratching it up even more than she already has.


2 | When I got home from work on Wednesday night, Cory was outside in the carport working on some stuff when he came in and asked if I had moved his tool bag. Considering it weighed on the better part of 50 lbs, I’m pretty sure he knew the answer before he even asked. He had been using his tools on Monday and they’re gone along with some other stuff from our carport. It really just pisses me off that people think they have the right to come onto our property, enter our carport and take a small fortune in tools.

They did so generously leave one phillips head screw driver, bunch of cowards.

3 | With the craziness of the past couple of weeks, I’ve been heavily depending on dry shampoo and my favorite brand is Batiste. I may or may not be on my third day of not washing my hair.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

4 | I can’t even handle Parenthood ending last night. I cried, y’all. Like real ugly cry. It’s been one of my favorite shows since Brother & Sisters ended because I come from a large family and I so badly want my family to be like the Bravermans one day. I know it’s just a TV show but I have to believe¬†that families like that still exist. I just don’t know why they had to end a good thing.


2015 just doesn’t seem to be a good year for my favorite shows…Parenthood and Parks and Recreation in one year???

5 | Our church is starting the Daniel Fast in the month of February and I’ve done a little research but not nearly enough. Has anyone ever participated in this particular fast? Any tips? Recommendations?

I’ve got two baby showers to attend this weekend and then Superbowl on Sunday! But honestly, I just watch for the puppy commercials.

What are you doing this weekend?

18 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you were robbed, I’m so sorry! I hope they get caught.

    I usually go two or three days between washing my hair so I won’t judge, and batiste dry shampoo is amazing. Never got into Parenthood but I heard it’s a great show. Hope you have a good weekend, I’m so sorry girl!

  2. I love Your couch Pillows! Theyre Too cute. So sorry someone stole from your home. Thats awful!! :(

    I wanted to start the daniel fast On Jan 1 but kept forgetting that i wasnt supposed to Eat meat. I failed three times before i just gave up haha so im probably not the person to ask. Maybe one day ill be suCcessful at it! Happy friday!! Xoxo

  3. Girl I was right there with you on the ugly tears last night. I’m so, so, so sad it’s over but I thought they ended it perfectly. I cannot believe that your house got robbed!! That is terrible! My car got broken into in chicago a couple of years ago and it’s the worst feeling that someone was on your property, in your stuff. Ugh. On a happier note, hope you guys have a good weekend!

  4. I LOVE that dry shampoo! #suchalifesaver. I am so sorry you were robbed.. It disgusts me how people think they can just take things from others. I hope you have a fabulous weekend to make up for it!

  5. Oh my gosh that’s awful that some of your stuff was stolen!! We left our garage door open on accident one night and someone stole a laptop out of michael’s car, but left everything else. Ugh. I’m going to have to start watching Parenthood! Everyone’s been talking about it! I wonder if it’s on netflix…Have a good weekend lady!

  6. The nurse at my scan just started the Daniel Plan & she said she felt AMAZING… she said the first 3 days of the detox were tough, but she said she had so much energy & felt fantastic… it made me want to look into it myself.

    Saran wrap your table.. .the things we do so we don’t yell at our animals :)

  7. I need to try out dry shampoo!! My mom has been using dry shampoo & loves it! That makes me sad about your husband’s tools – it’s hard to believe people do that sort of thing!

  8. Not cool that someone Stole from you. I don’t know what makes people so brazen. I can’t imagine ever intentionally taking something I know doesn’t belong to me. The guilt would eat me alive.

    I am in denial about Parenthood ending. I watched the first episode of this season, got so sad that it was the last one, and promptly stopped watching them. I have the whole rest of the season living on my DVR right now, because I’m just not ready to say goodbye to the Bravermans yet.

  9. We didn’t do the total Daniel Fast when our church did it, but we fasted from all sugar/sugarish things and all meat–it was definitely a good experience, but I also learned that I struggled with getting enough calories in my diet when we weren’t eating anything with sugar in it (sugar is in everything!!!)
    The saran wrap trick you’re using makes me smile! Hey, whatever works!

  10. Thanks for linking up with us! I hate to hear that about the tools:( There’s not much worse than a thief. I love the saran-wrap solution!!! And Batiste is awesome! I can usually go 4 days without washing my hair (but that’s the most).

  11. Oh that stinks that you got robbed. And tools can be so expensive and really start to add up. I have never tried dry shampoo before, but I may need to invest in some. I try to wash my hair every other day because the ends are so dry, but somedays my roots could probably use some dry shampoo. I’ll have to look into this. And I agree, the puppy commercials are the best! :)

  12. I can’t believe someone would do that! At least they didn’t break into your house though… that would have been creepy, terrifying, and much worse. :( Charlie looks so cute curled up on the couch! Hopefully she’s doing better!

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