Five on Friday

Er, Five on Saturday. If we’re gonna be technical about it. Sometimes life happens. And life definitely happened this week. It was my first full week back to work since Christmas break and boy, was it a doozie. I never fall asleep on the couch and this past week I did three times. On top of being a zombie from work, we had a busted pipe due to the cold weather. Thank goodness, it was only in our garage, didn’t do any permanent damage and was an easy fix. I still flipped a switch when I came home and saw our garage flooded and water shooting out of the wall. After the past eight weeks of constant craziness, a weekend with no plans is a welcomed change. Plus, it’s storming here which makes staying in my pj’s that much better. So here are a few things that made my doozie of week much better. 


My Erin Condren life planner.  

This was a Christmas gift from my parents and love would be an understatement. I was in desperate need of some help getting my life organized and this baby does just the trick. I’m so excited about getting to use it a lot this year because the Sloans have big things happening in 2014.


 Wedding festival fun.

On Christmas Eve, I got a call from one of my very best friends, Kristen, asking me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Kristen was one of my first friends I made when I started public school in 6th grade and the rest is history. I’m so excited that she has found the one and I hope Jarred knows how lucky he is to have found a great girl. Last Saturday, I headed to Greenville to go to the wedding festival and dress shopping with Kristen, the rest of her bridesmaids, her Mom and Grandmother. We had so much fun at the wedding festival and took advantage of the photo booth vendors {and the food}. She also found her dress but you’ll have to wait and see that beauty on June 29th.



Adobe Photoshop CS6.
Maybe it’s not normal to be excited about this but as a blogger, I’m so freakin excited. I’ve been using gimp which works great but I’ve seen so many things I want to try only to click on it and the tutorial is for Photoshop. Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed {or overwhelmed}. 



New design and domain name.

I know I’ve mentioned this multiple times but I promise it will be revealed. Soon. The design is finished but I haven’t had time to finish the my pages. If I can ever get caught up on all my holiday post, I will devote my time to finishing it. Here’s a sneak peek for you though!


Birthday dinners.
Tomorrow is my dads birthday so I am cooking dinner for him and I’m thinking about doing a pork loin but I’ve never made one before. I’m excited about having my family over and celebrating his day with him.  
There you have my Five on Friday Saturday. Better late than never, right? {That’s gonna be my new motto, btw.} I guess I’m going to have to head out in this nasty weather and go to the grocery store if I’m doing dinner tomorrow night. And at some point this weekend, I’ve got to take my Christmas tree down. Is it awful that it’s still up? I really do wish I could just leave it up year round. 
Happy Saturday, y’all! 
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  1. DUUUUUDE, seriously…I want an erin condren life planner so bad! Unfortunately my husband is self employed and tax season is upon us which means ZERO spending. BOOO! What am I gonna do? ha. I told him any money I made from my blog was going towards one. Don’t you just love it?! Anyways, I’m excited I stumbled across your blog tonight and glad to be following along! Come say hi if you get a chance, I love making new blogging buddies!

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