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Turns out, painting brick, or the act of getting rid of ugly brick, is pretty addicting and after we painted the exterior of our house, I wanted to paint ALL. THE. BRICK. Because if you remember correctly, this is what our fireplace looked like.


And after we painted the walls grey and got rid of the warm tan, our fireplace stuck out like a sore thumb {as if it didn’t already} but now more than ever, it needed a fireplace makeover. And Cory agreed.

But he wanted to do something like this…



…but with some built-ins on the sides. But since we’ve already blown our budget on the kitchen, we just couldn’t fit in another couple hundred dollars or more on supplies. So we started searching through what we already had here. What did we have? 24 paint samples, which we could paint our old entertainment piers with, and a whole extra gallon of exterior white paint that we could use on the brick. All we needed was a little extra primer and some crown molding for the mantle, which was less than $50.

My kind of makeover after spending way too much $$$ on our kitchen.

Fireplace Makeover-7

I haven’t had a chance to start decorating yet but as it is…holy transformation!

Fireplace Makeover-8

The piers are the same color as our exterior brick, Gauntlet Grey by Sherwin-Williams, and I actually used one of my original samples to make DIY chalk paint.

I’ll share the tutorial on that next week but how much bigger does the fireplace look now??

Fireplace Makeover-9

I told Cory that I thought the piers had shrunk but he reassured me they hadn’t.

Fireplace Makeover-4

We would still like to fancy our fireplace up in the future but so far, we’re both loving the transformation the paint made. Yes, even Cory said he actually likes it! I’m not sure why we were surprised again by painted brick but I just love how clean and open our fireplace makeover makes the living room feel!

One last exciting thing…our countertops will be installed on Tuesday and I can’t wait to see the (almost) final piece of our kitchen to be in!

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9 thoughts on “Fireplace Makeover

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I knew when you were painting it it was going to look good. I love painted fireplaces.
    But using your entertainment ctr panels was genius. They look like they were made for that area!

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