Final Christmas Celebrations 2017

Whew! I honestly can’t believe it has taken me so long to recap our Christmas celebrations but life has been so busy for us. Cory and I both have side “gigs” that we work and free time is just not something we have a lot of. Since Spring break is here, I’m trying to get caught up on the 17 drafts I have sitting in my post folder.

After Christmas day, we had two more Christmas celebrations before we finished out the 2017 Christmas season. Cory had to work the day after Christmas so Baker and I rested at home, playing with her new goodies including fun new bath toys!

After daddy got home from work, we headed to my Aunt’s house to celebrate Christmas with my Grandmother and dad’s side of the family. I must have been pictured out because I didn’t even get any photos of Baker and her cousin, Linc.

When we got home, we put Baker’s hair up in her first little ponytail. How stinkin’ cute is that??

The next day, we had our final Christmas celebration with Cory’s mom and family. I’m pretty sure Baker’s most favorite gift was this pack of toothbrushes. She loves toothbrushes. She will walk around with one in her mouth all day, if we let her. She knows where we keep the toothpaste in the bathroom and will randomly bring us the toothpaste when she wants to brush her teeth.

Gammy, Cory’s mom, did a great job on a stocking for Baker!

And sweet Scout…she just recently passed away. :(

By this time, Baker was a PRO at opening gifts. She didn’t need any encouragement to keep opening!

Baker got her very own chair to keep at Granny’s house!

We left Baker to spend the night with Gammy, Granny, and Aunt Alee. The next day, I met up with them for lunch and Baker didn’t want to come home!

We had such an incredible Christmas season with our Baker girl. We were seriously bummed when it was over because a child truly did change the way we viewed and celebrated our Christmas. We are so thankful to have such large families and all these Christmas celebrations each year!


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