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A few weeks ago, I fell in love with this faucet when I came across this pin.  Did you know you could have feelings for kitchen hardware??? I immediately started questioning whether or not I had made the right choice in cabinet color just because I wanted this faucet and hardware so much. That’s what Pinterest is good for, right? Making you question every decision you’ve ever made!



But the more I looked at this kitchen, the more I realized that our style is just not that modern. Not that this kitchen isn’t swoon worthy but my style leans just a little more towards the traditional side.

We had just installed our pendant lights in burnished bronze {which matches the rest of our house} and I thought about having Cory take them down so I could exchange them for something in a champagne bronze. I searched high and low to find kitchens that mixed and matched lights and hardware and all I found were these huge, gorgeous kitchens that all matched and looked absolutely nothing like mine. Feeling discouraged, I almost stayed in my little box and ordered a traditional faucet that matched the rest of the bronze in our house.

Because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Never step out, take a risk and do something that is a little out of the ordinary?

But this is my kitchen. I don’t care if others don’t like the mixed bronzes. I’m the one that has to see it every day and I’m the only one who’s opinion matters. {well, Cory’s too, but not in this situation because he didn’t even like the champagne bronze but I was getting this faucet whether he liked it or not!} I knew that if I didn’t order the faucet I loved, I would regret it every single time I walked into the kitchen.

I’m still deciding on hardware for the cabinets simply because I was waiting to see it all together with the granite.  Now that the kitchen is pretty much finished, I’m going to order a knob and a pull in both colors to see which one I like the most. If I decide on oil rubbed bronze for our the cabinets, I’m okay with the faucet being the focal point. She’s definitely pretty enough!

I’m 100% happy that I went with what I like and made my kitchen fit our style rather than what “everyone else does” because the faucet looks gorgeous in our kitchen! I love how sleek it is and that it adds just enough modern for our taste. By the way, when I told Cory how good the faucet looked he said “Heck yeah it does. I was worried about the gold but it turned out good”.


One last thing, after having this post written and in my drafts, I came across this article and what do ya know, it talks about mixing modern and traditional styles. Glad to know my kitchen will still be “trendy” with the design choices I made.

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  1. Oh girl – I totally knew you could have a relationship with faucets. I have been BEGGING BEGGING BEGGING for new faucets in every sink in my house. We have the cheapest ones possible … & have of them all say COLD – where the heck did all the HOT ones go? It was like that when we moved in & its been 14 years later. GEEZ!!!! Every Christmas & birthday, I ask for faucets. Still waiting.

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